Andrei V. Loginov

Acting Rector of the Russian State University for the Humanities

Olga V. Pavlenko

Vice-Rector for Research, Professor of the Department of Foreign Regional Studies and Foreign Policy at the School of International Relations and Foreign Regional Studies

Alexander B. Bezborodov

Advisor to the Rector, Chair of the Department of Contemporary History of Russia at the Institute of History and Archives of RSUH

Pavel P. Shkarenkov

Vice-Rector for Continuing Education, Director of the Institute of Philology and History, Department Chair, Chief Research Fellow of the Center of Cognitive Programs and Technologies

Vera I. Zabotkina

Acting Vice-Rector for International cooperation, Director of Center for Cognitive Programs and Technologies

Nikolay N. Trifonov

Vice-Rector for Safety and Security

Efim I. Pivovar

Scientific Director of the RSUH,Мember of the Academic Council of RSUH, Professor, Director of the Institute of Post-Soviet and Interregional Studies

Dr. Anna Kuchenkova

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ksenia Eltsova

Associate Professor

Dr. Alexander Piperski

Assistant Professor of the Center for Computer Linguistics, Researcher at the Center for Cognitive Programs and Technologies, Chief Researcher at the Laboratory of Sociolinguistics

Dr. Olga Pekelis

Senior Researcher

Dr. Evgenia Dolgova

Professor, Deputy Head of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Humanities

Dr. Dmitry Antonov

Director of the Center for Visual Studies of the Middle Ages and the New Age; Assistant Professor, Department of History and Theory of Culture

Dr. Georgy Shabat


Dr. Jean Toschenko

Chair of the Department, Corresponding Member of the RAS

Dr. Victor Molchanov

Chief Researcher, Professor

Dr. Alexey Kruglov


Dr. Sergey Zenkin

Senior Researcher

Dr. Victoria Zhuravleva

Professor, Head of the Department of American Studies, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Foreign Area Studies

Nadezhda I. Arkhipova

Director of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law of RSUH, Chair of the Department for Organizational Development

Dr. Pyotr Arkadiev

Assistant Professor