Support (Welcome Office)
Support (Welcome Office)

Hotline for foreign students (09.00 - 21.00)

+7 (495) 250-65-14

University Crisis Hotline

You can send a request to our Crisis Hotline and receive anonymous qualified counseling. You send the request, our psychologist processes it and sends you the answer in 2-4 workdays with the professional comments, suggestions and recommendations (in particular - about options of further work or additional support). Whatever problem you have, you can start exploring it together with a psychologist and define your first steps to solve it!
+7 (495) 250-65-14

The Office of International Relations is tasked with implementing the University’s international strategy in the interest of increasing its competitiveness in the global academic and educational market and with integrating RSUH into the international academic community.

Office functions:

  • Development of framework agreements on cooperation and separate protocols with foreign partners for the implementation of joint research and education projects and exchange programs, including those provided through the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.
  • Liaising with other divisions of RSUH in organizing and conducting international conferences, round tables, readings, seminars and exhibitions.
  • Documentation support for students and graduate students sent to study or intern at foreign partner universities.
  • Organization, jointly with RSUH faculties, of the reception and training of foreign citizens (international students) in accordance with the state educational standard.
  • Organization of the reception of foreign citizens and delegations, documentation support for international academic visits by RSUH faculty members and students.
  • Ensuring compliance with the passport and visa regime, internal regulations and the legislation of the Russian Federation by foreign citizens who arrived in the Russian Federation at the invitation of RSUH.
  • Liaising between RSUH and the offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow and the embassies of foreign countries for the passport-, visa- and registration-related services.
  • Preparation of analytical and reference materials on international activities of the university.
  • Organization of Summer and Winter Schools jointly with foreign partners.
  • International student recruitment.
  • Implementation of services for socio-cultural adaptation of international students.
  • Organization of the cultural program for international students.
  • Organization of orientation sessions for international students.
  • General coordination activities.

International Office

Department for International Coordination

    Department for International Coordination (room 302, building 6).
    +7 495 250-65-31

  • Lyudmila Nikolaevna Senchenko - Head of Department
  • Business trips orders, governmental academic mobility program
    +7(495) 250-65-31

International Academic Mobility Unit

    International Academic Mobility Unit (room 300/301, building 6)
    +7 495 250-65-31

  • Irina Viktorovna Zabelyshinskaya - Senior specialist
  • Dormitory accommodation for international students, medical insurance plans, student identification cards
    +7(495) 250-65-16

Visa Department

    Visa Department (room 301/304, building 6). +7 495 250-63-54
  • Natalya Alekseevna Khramtsova - Head of department
    +7(495) 250-63-54

  • Viktorya Romanovna Pestova - Senior specialist
  • Migration registration
  • +7(495) 250-63-54

  • Valentina Fedorovna Zharikova - Senior specialist
  • Migration registration (for RSUH dormitory 25 Kirovogradskaya St., Building 1).
    +7(495) 250-63-54

  • Dmitriy Mikhaylovich Zhuk - Senior specialist
  • Official visa invitations, employment visa processing
    +7(495) 250-65-03