Russian language training
Russian language training

The International Center of Russian Language

The International Center of Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL) is a special academic and research department of the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH) dedicated to teaching foreigners Russian language and about Russian culture.

For over 25 years, students from a variety of backgrounds have studied at the RFL Center. These have included:

  • Groups of students on study abroad programs
  • Students from foreign universities studying Russian at European and American universities preparing for language for exams
  • Foreign graduate students and visiting scholars performing academic research
  • Foreign teachers, translators, and journalists seeking to improve their professional qualifications
  • Foreign professionals and specialists in business, journalism, politics, etc., who wish to overcome the linguistic difficulties encountered in their work
  • Foreign citizens preparing for certification exams required to enter Russian universities, work at some international organizations, or receive citizenship in the Russian Federation

Our Methodology: A Flexible Model of Foreign Language Study

Over the course of many years the RFL Center has developed a flexible model for the study of foreign language. At the heart of this is a methodological model that combines communicative and cognitive approaches to the instruction of foreign language. The goal of this model is to teach students how to creatively use the building blocks of language in order to maximize their communicative and critical thinking abilities when using the Russian language.

This flexible approach aims to identify and utilize the unique strategy of foreign study that best matches the individual needs of each student.

Students at the RFL Center have a great deal of choice in how to approach studying Russian. They are offered a wide variety of programs that are adapted for people from different professional and academic backgrounds, with varying levels of proficiency in Russian, and designed in accordance with the desired length and form of study.

The RFL Center offers two types of programs:

I. Programs aimed towards achieving basic competency in the Russian language at a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. These core courses include:

  • Practical Phonetics
  • Communicative Grammar
  • Conversational Practice

Throughout their duration these core courses cover all fundamental aspects of proficiency in a foreign language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. In this manner, these core courses aim to improve linguistic, oral, communicative and cultural competency.

II. Programs catering to the academic, research, professional and personal interests of students. These are specialized elective courses in which study of the Russian language furthers political, business, cultural, or professional pursuits.

These courses aim to improve not only students’ linguistic, communicative, and cultural proficiency, but also their proficiency in a specific subject.

The list of specialized courses changes every semester, and their content varies based on the composition and interests of each specific group of students.

Mastery of Russian as a foreign language requires the sustained development of students’ skills and proficiency in keeping with Russia’s accepted standards for six levels, which correspond to the six-level scale used by the Council of Europe.

The Russian as a Foreign Language Center assesses levels of language proficiency based on the results of tests at the beginning and end of programs of study. The outcomes of language study are reported in a document published by the International Students’ Office of the Russian State University for the Humanities. The Russian Language Center also offers preparation for government certification through the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).

This flexibility of this approach allows the RFL Center to provide every one of its students with individualized instruction that encompasses:

  • Personalized selection of core and specialized courses
  • Designing personalized programs based on individual and group backgrounds and the preferred length and intensiveness of study
  • Guidance in selection of the most appropriate form of study: group or individual lessons
  • Creating a program according to students’ preferred length and intensity of study, along with their preferred academic load, with courses varying from 10-20 hours per week and from two weeks to two semesters or more.

Types of Study Programs

The RFL Center offers different types of study programs: group or individual programs, daytime or evening classes, and semester or short-term programs, including those that take place when other institutions are on vacation (Summer and Winter Schools).

Great importance is attached to working with students outside of the classroom. Some courses on Russian language and culture have included lessons that take place in the metro, museums, parks and other cultural sites of Moscow and the surrounding region.

An intensive cultural program includes excursions to museums, exhibitions, concerts, films and performances in Moscow’s theaters. These events are organized and designed with the involvement of RFL Center faculty.

There are also opportunities that prepare students for presentations at a variety of international conferences. Conference materials, including a collection of student presentations, are usually published.

For graduate students and applicants to graduate school the RFL Center offers a preparatory course for the Russian as a foreign language exam required to pursue advanced degrees at Russian universities. In the final stages of this seminar participants present their academic research and take part in an international roundtable at an annual conference hosted by the university. The papers from this conference are usually published in an annual collection of graduate research that is at RSUH.

Means of Instruction

Classes are conducted in specially equipped classrooms and media rooms at RSUH. Students at the RFL Center have library and reading room privileges and access to the university’s internet and IT resources

The RFL Center also has its own academic and pedagogical library containing print, audio, video and assorted media resources. Instruction at the Russian Language Center employs the latest language teaching methodologies and materials published in Russia and abroad. The academic resources used in study are regularly updated with original materials prepared by the faculty of the RFL Center.

Courses of Russian as a foreign language

We invite you to our courses of Russian as a foreign language. Start of classes 2nd week of February 2020.

*enrollment for short-term studies is conducted throughout the semester

Advantages of studying at the International Center for Russian Language

  • Convenient location of the University in the center of Moscow
  • Diversity and individualization of teaching programs and methods
  • Highly qualified teachers with knowledge of foreign languages
  • Specially equipped classrooms
  • We offer a wide variety of courses at all levels, from beginners to advance
  • You will be awarded RSUH Certificate of Study at the end of the course
  • In the center, you can pass the TORFL exam to get a state certificate

Programs’ details

  • Course load: 8-20 academic hours a week, 45 min. each
  • Schedule: 3-5 days a week 2-4 hours a day
  • Group size: 5-8 students
  • Training period:
    • Spring semester: February - May
    • Autumn semester: October – December

    * enrollment for short-term studies is conducted throughout the semester

  • Placement Test: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 12.00
  • Price: From 69 EUR/week

Enrollment in groups based on the results of the entrance test.

    Moscow, Miusskaya square, 6, korp.3 (3 min. from Novoslobodskaya or Mendeleevskaya metro stations)
    Registration for the entrance test and additional information about our courses:
    8(495) 250-69-05

Evening Classes

We invite you to attend our Evening Classes. Advantages of studying at the International Center for Russian Language

  • Russian State University for the Humanities is located in central Moscow
  • All our teachers are multilingual, professionally qualified and very experienced in teaching
  • With many years teaching experience of providing Russian as a Foreign language within a university environment, we have a well-established reputation for delivering highest quality programs.
  • We offer a wide variety of courses at all levels, from beginners to advance
  • You will be awarded RSUH Certificate of Study at the end of the course

Some features of our Evening Classes

The main objective of our training programs is by means of Russian language to create opportunities for professionals for continuing professional development.

The main priority of our work is to train you effective communication through developing skills of speaking, understanding, reading and writing. In our training programs we address your specific language learning needs.

  • Evening program details
  • Course load 6 academic hours a week, 45 min. each
  • Schedule 2 evenings a week, 19:00 - 21:15
  • Group size 5-8 students
  • Training period
  • Spring semester: February - May
  • Autumn semester: October - December
  • Placement Test Every Tuesday, 18.00 - 19.00
  • Price 52 EUR/week

The start date of Evening Classes will be announced after the group of students has been recruited. Individual classes will start after the date is agreed with the student.

Summer school

Russian State University for Humanities (RSUH) is a dynamically developing institution, widely recognized both in Russia and elsewhere due to its intensive educational and scholarly activities. RSUH is situated in the center of Moscow, close to the Novoslobodskaya and Mendeleevskaya metro stations.

During the last 25 years, students from all over Europe (the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland), as well as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Korea, and Japan come to RSUH to participate in Summer and Winter Schools to master the Russian language in its International Center of Russian Language

The programs are conducted by highly qualified professors who speak various languages and have vast experience teaching both in Russia and elsewhere.

Students are offered specially designed programs and methods which will enable them:

  • to overcome the psychological language barrier and actively socialize with native Russians;
  • to master Russian pronunciation and acquire communication skills for everyday usage (beginner’s level)
  • to enlarge their Russian vocabulary, to make grammar usage skills automatic, to develop listening, reading, and writing skills in all registers of Russian speech (intermediate and advanced levels);
  • to learn more about Russia to understand better:
    • main episodes of its history
    • its customs and traditions
    • its cultural, political and social process, etc (all levels)

Programs’ details

  • Duration of Summer/Winter school 4 weeks (according to your preference)
  • Summer: June – July
  • Timetable 4 days a week (Friday is a day-off) 4 academic hours
  • Time total 64 academic hours
  • Cost 730 EUR

The necessary condition is 10 students in total

  • Before courses begin there will be a placement exam to determine each student’s knowledge of Russian language in order to form groups.
  • Upon completion of the course students will receive a RSUH certificate.
  • You can also take a course in training for TORFL international exam, take the Russian-as-second-language examination, and receive an official certificate.
  • Conditions and prices of accomodation
  • While taking the Summer School course students can find accommodation in the RSUH dormitory on campus.


    International Center of Russian language, Miusskaya sq. 6/3, room 211, Moscow, Russia.