Exchange programs
Exchange programs

Russian State University for the Humanities currently has 246 cooperation agreements. They are of various kind and nature (double-degree Master’s programs, protocols of intent, memoranda of cooperation, framework agreements).

There are 24 contracts on bilateral student exchange with the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Kazakhstan, Norway, South Korea, Finland, France and Canada.

Internships provide tuition waivers, but the students have to pay for transfer and accommodation. Internships through the Ministry of Science and Higher Education are also available (for studying in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Denmark, Romania).

The person to contact regarding these internships is Lyudmila Senchenko.

Miusskaya square, Bld 6, korpus 6, office 302 +7 (495) 250-65-31

Each year, RSUH accepts over 200 exchange students from other countries and sends abroad more than 150 of its own students and professors.

To organize the arrival of an international student for an internship at RSUH as part of the academic mobility program, the International Office of the partner university sends to RSUH a nomination of the student who has applied for training at RSUH.

Nomination deadlines:

  • for the spring semester - October 31
  • for the fall semester - April 30

If the nominee is approved, the Department of Visa and Registration of RSUH draws up an invitation to the student.

Contact info:

+7 (495) 250-63-54;

Invitation for a visa (visa-support documents) from RSUH

You must provide the following data and documents to the Department of Visa Support and Registration of RSUH:

  • Purpose of visit to RSUH (studies or science and technology research)
  • Photocopy of the first page of the passport
  • Name of the organization where you study
  • Address of the organization where you study
  • Status (student)
  • Place of birth (country, city)
  • The city in which you will be applying for a visa (any city where there is a Consulate of the Russian Federation)
  • Type of visa (single entry)
  • Exact dates of arrival and departure
  • Place of residence in Moscow (RSUH dorm, hotel or apartment)
  • Phone and email address where the invitation will be sent
  • Postal address (country, zip code, city, street, house, apartment, phone number) at which you would like to receive the original invitation

All international students must comply with the visa requirements on the territory of the Russian Federation as set by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

International students must have medical insurance to enter the territory of the Russian Federation. During the period of stay, they can purchase insurance while on the territory of the Russian Federation. You can get detailed information about the requirements established by RSUH for the list of medical services at the Office of International Relations:

Room 300, korpus 6,
+7 (495) 250-65-16;

RSUH provides the students who have arrived for an internship with accommodation in RSUH dorm at the following address: Miusskaya Sq. 6, korpus 4, in accordance with the conditions set out in the contract with the partner university. Accommodation fee is charged in accordance with the administrative decree “On the amount of payment for accommodation in  RSUH dormitories”

International students are given the opportunity to study at the Russian Language Center (Center for Russian as a Foreign Language). The number of free instruction hours is determined by the terms of the contract with the partner university.

The cost of 1 academic group hour is 600 rubles per hour. Upon completion of the program, students receive a certificate of graduation from the Russian language course

International students have the right to attend lectures of their choice with Russian students (including lectures in a foreign language) free of charge.

An important part of the students' period of orientation are meetings with Deans of corresponding faculties. The Deans advise students on the selection of courses and determine the academic load for the exchange period.

Upon graduation, international students are issued a confirmation certificate (transcript).

Tandem program

Tandem program, offered by RSUH, is aimed at improving Russian-speaking skills and facilitating social adaptation for international students.

At the beginning of each semester, RSUH offers orientation sessions for the newly arrived students. The orientation sessions introduce the students to the University, its traditions and history.

Students have the opportunity to go on sightseeing tours of the Main Building of RSUH, including the museum centers of the university. They are shown all the available infrastructure, and provided with the information on where they can go for medical or psychological help, aided in filling out the admission documents.

In addition, Tandem program organizes sightseeing tours of Moscow and the towns of the Moscow Region, offers visits to exhibitions and museums (jointly with Russian students).