Management consulting and social technologies
Management consulting and social technologies

Management consulting and social technologies

This is the only Master's program of this kind in Russia. It is aimed at training specialists capable of applying theoretical developments created in the field of management sociology, and social technologies created to solve managerial problems in business organizations.

The program

  • provides a significant amount of professional knowledge, skills and abilities to employ the new technologies in the labor market, which increases the our graduates’ competitiveness;
  • provides systematic knowledge in the field of management sociology, the sociology of organizations and the ability to put them into practice;
  • allows the graduates to successfully compete with graduates of other programs in related fields (management, psychology), as it comprehensively combines theoretical and practical skills;
  • actively interacts with potential employers in the learning process and in practical training.

Types of occupation: research; social and technological areas; project-oriented, organizational and management areas.

Key disciplines of the program: “Modern methods of sociological research”, “Theoretical foundations and practice of management consulting”, “Socio-diagnostic technologies in management”, “Management consulting in regions”, “Sociological models for making managerial decisions”.

Areas of occupation: sociology, consulting, economics, culture, management, education.

Possible employment positions: state bodies, local governing authorities, consulting organizations, research centers, and business structures.

Our graduates divide into subgroups 24 and 26 of the internal classifier.

Program 24 includes specialists in business and administration, who perform analytical, conceptual and practical tasks in order to provide services related to HR, PR, marketing and sales in technical, medical fields and in the field of information and communication technologies; analyze organizational structures, methods and systems.

Program 26 graduates professionals of law and humanities.

Ph.D. track comprises program 22.00.04, "Social structure, social institutions and processes."