Digital marketing

Digital marketing

The program is aimed at training new generation managers, able to comprehensively work as effective company managers in the digital economy, make informed investment decisions, ensure sustainable long-term growth of the company, choose the optimal competitive strategies, and effectively use modern technologies to work with data and knowledge (Big Data), work as project managers in the digital sectors of the economy, take part in the implementation of state and non-state programs and projects.

The qualification of graduates allows them to provide legal, IT, documentation, marketing and HR-related support in the field of managerial decisions, carry out financial modeling of the project, carry out project management in MS Project, and manage the development of the company using Internet services.

The graduates will be able to apply modern approaches in e-commerce, manage personnel, analyze management decisions based on analytics of modern Internet applications in the field of Big Data analysis, exercise effective leadership, form a team of professionals, develop and implement socially responsible solutions in the field of modern management.

The curriculum takes into account the development of the digital economy in the country. The main emphasis of the program is made on the analysis of real practice of Russian and foreign companies, studies and practical application of advanced management methods and modern software products in the field of management.

This program enables the graduates to engage in practical activities in the management and coordination of projects in the Internet environment.

The graduates will have sufficient qualifications to pass the PMI (Digital Marketing Institute) certification.

Areas of occupation:

  • organizations in which graduates work as team members or managers of digital projects;
  • state and municipal government, in which graduates work as team members or heads of units responsible for Internet projects;
  • structures in which graduates create their own business in the form of e-commerce.