Applied informatics in humanities

Applied informatics in humanities

Digitalization of the Russian economy, the ever-increasing flow of information in all areas of our life determine the need not only for the widespread introduction of information and communication technologies, but also for the presence in each modern organization of a highly qualified personnel in the field of computer science and intelligent information systems.

Areas of occupation:

  • communications, information and communication technologies (in the field of design, development, implementation and operation of information systems, their life cycle management);
  • general types of professional activity in industry (organizing and conducting research and development in the field of computer science and computer technology);
  • other areas of professional activity, provided that the acquired competencies meet the job offer requirements.

The key disciplines of the educational program are modern methods of data analysis, information processing, decision making, various programming languages (Java, C++, C#, Delphi, PHP), Internet technologies, methods of designing and developing intelligent information systems, databases, mobile applications, info-analytical and inquiry systems.

Areas of professional occupation: IT departments, Internet industry and the ICT sector, research institutes and expert analytical centers; management of cultural and natural heritage of various levels, libraries, archives, museums, media.

Types of professional occupation: system analyst, system administrator, database administrator, specialist in the department of informatization, software developer, etc.

Level:  Bachelor
Faculty/department:  Faculty of Information Systems and Security
Link to master:  Management of data and information in computer networks