Academic writing in English
Academic writing in English

Academic writing in English

The course "Academic writing in English" is offered at the Faculty of History by the Department of History and Theory of Historical Science.

The purpose of the course is to acquaint students with the latest trends in the development of Western historical science and develop their skills in reading, discussing and writing academic texts in English. The course aims to expand the vocabulary of students and study the style characteristic of academic English, develop oral presentation and academic writing skills.

The course forms the following professional competencies (PC):

  • PC-2. Ability to use knowledge of special historical disciplines, historiography and modern methods for historical research.
  • PC-2.1. Knowledge of the main special historical and historiographic disciplines.
  • -PC-2.2. Ability to use the main special methods of historical science.

At the end of the course, the students are expected to:

  1. know the basic methods of academic writing in English as well as the rules for composing an academic text in English.
  2. be able to refer to professional literature in English for research; read professional literature in English, convey in English the main idea of the text, express opinion and take part in a discussion, present the results of academic research in English.
  3. have acquired the skills sufficient for composing academic texts in English, the knowledge of professional terminology and style characteristic of English language-based historiography.

Contacts: Dmitry Belyaev

Language:  English
Status:  Elective
Credits:  3 CP, 42 h.
Year, term:  4 year, 7 term
Faculty/department:  Faculty of History
Link to program:  History