XVII Readings in Humanities started at RSUH


XVII Readings in Humanities started at RSUH

The event took place on April 2, titled “Roots and Crown. Transformation of knowledge in scientific and pedagogical schools.”

The event began with welcoming words from Rector Bezborodov:

“A good tradition was started 17 years ago by Dr. Efim Pivovar. The Readings have always been distinguished by the fact that here one could speak, listen or have a discussion with the experts”.

President Pivovar said:

“I am very pleased to speak before you today and realize that the initiative to hold the Readings has grown into a good tradition, and that the topics we discuss are becoming increasingly relevant for the Russian academic community”.

Dr. Chubaryan, Acadmeic Director of the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said:

“This year’s topic is very important. To improve scientific and pedagogical schools, we need to clearly understand their role in the educational space”.

The work of the plenary session was begun by First Vice-Rector Pavlenko presenting the results of work on the media project “Roots and Crown: Scientific and Pedagogical Schools of RSUH”, which is being implemented jointly with the Faculty of Journalism of the Institute of Mass Media and Advertising. She spoke about the specifics of the scientific and pedagogical schools of RSUH and suggested options for priority support for their representatives.

Dr. Galina Ershova, Director of the Mesoamerican Center, made a presentation “Science according to Knorozov: from deciphering the Mayan script to the main issues of historical science”.

At the end of the plenary session, Dr. Rostovtsev, Professor of the Department of History of Russia of the Institute of History of St. Petersburg State University spoke about the development of scientific schools of Russian imperial universities, and Dr. Evgeniy Pchelov, Chair of the Department of Auxiliary Historical Disciplines and Archeography of RSUH, examined the nuances of the work of the scientific and pedagogical school of source studies of RSUH.