Practical psychology and new reality discussed at RSUH

Practical psychology and new reality discussed at RSUH

On March 4-5, 2023, RSUH hosted the annual International Academic and Practical Conference, which included the festival of psychological practices "Practical Psychology and New Reality", prepared and hosted by the Vygotsky Institute of Psychology

The Conference included sessions with keynote speeches, a round table, a teleconference "Moscow - Bilbao" with an international business coach Cecilio Fernandez Regojo, 16 master classes by leading practitioners, as well as a performance by the students of the "Institute of Contemporary Art".

The Conference brought together specialists from Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk, Ryazan, Spain. More than 100 people took part in the event.

The plenary session was opened by Dr. Mazurova, Director of the Vygotsky Institute and Dr. Petrushikhina, Dean of the Faculty of Educational Psychology, who noted that the interaction between practical and academic psychology is the most important task under conditions of not just uncertainty, but a crisis of uncertainty.

The plenary session opened with a discussion of the issues of the crisis of uncertainty and outlined the ways for the development of the psychology of the future, the development of methodology, theory and practice, and showed new approaches in practical psychology.

Dr. Shabelnikov, Professor of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy of Education of RSUH, made a presentation “Personality and Society. Psychology of social crises”, in which he spoke about the features of practical psychology and psychological crises.

The second presentation of the plenary session was delivered by Dr. Patyaeva, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University. It was dedicated to the inner work of the individual and how accumulated stress can become a potential source of strength.

Dr. Mazurova, Director of the Vygotsky Institute of Psychology, analyzed the characteristics of the modern child population, showed its features and ways to overcome negative trends in the development of the modern child.

Dr. Krieger, Head of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy of Education (RSUH) offered a system-phenomenological view of the situation, raised the problem of self-orientation of the subject in the world of uncertainty. Dr. Valuev, junior researcher at the School of Anthropology of the Future, RANEPA, shared his thoughts on the poetics of uncertainty and the psychology of "returning to the limits", on the relationship between theory and practice in a crisis.

The Round Table was moderated by Dr. Mayer, Doctor of Pedagogy. The participants talked about a “self-determined person” and a “predetermined person”, views on the world as a “holistic or chaotic structure”, the causes of personal disorganization of modern man.

The festival program was embodied in 16 master classes dedicated to the method of systemic constellations, the topics of psychological support in a situation of hopelessness and in “working with the future” (Dr. Kriger); loss of value rootedness in the world and ways to overcome it (Drs. Patyaeva, Bukinich, Gorskina); the neuropsychological approach in the correction of emotional and cognitive disorders in children and adolescents (Dr. Mazurova); the art-therapeutic approach in the development of subjectivity (Dr. Bagryslova), and others.

At the end of the Conference, students of the Theater Department of the Institute of Contemporary Art showed the performance "Diarrhesis of Loneliness", staged by Dr. Drobysheva.