Official statement of the Russian State University for the Humanities


Official statement of the Russian State University for the Humanities

Dear faculty, staff, students and international students of RSUH,

Today, a counter-terrorist operation warning has been issued in Moscow and some other regions of our country. We would like to remind you how important it is to correctly assess the currently unfolding events and clearly understand how one should behave under the circumstances.

The Russian Federation is a multinational and multi-confessional country, where everyone can expect law and order to be upheld. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia and Commander-in-Chief, issued a statement in which he gave a clear assessment of the situation: “Today Russia is fighting hard for its future, repelling the aggression of neo-Nazis and their masters... this battle, which is to decide the fate of our people, requires unity of all forces, consolidation and responsibility of all. It is the time when everything that is weakening us must be pushed aside, including any strife that our external enemies can use and do use to undermine us from within.”

The administration of RSUH calls upon you to:

— get united around the President, doing everything to protect the interests of our country, our loved ones, our values and our future. Any action that may split our unity will work against us!
— keep calm and understand that currently there is no immediate threat to us and our loved ones. Law enforcement agencies are doing everything to ensure our safety. Temporary restrictions, such as the cancellation of public events, are important preventive measures to reduce the risk of unrest.
— be thoughtful when discussing the news, do not spread panic and unverified rumors. Do not let fake news influence you, be prepared for information attacks and rely only on information from official sources.
— if possible, refrain from traveling outside the city and do not congregate in crowded places.
— be accepting of the actions of law enforcement agencies as they are aimed at ensuring our security and eliminating threats to our country.

Dear friends!

The current events are a test of our personal maturity and civic position. We sincerely believe that everyone related to RSUH will pass this test with flying colors!


Important information:

If you have any questions related to the functioning of the University, contact us at;

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation has organized a round-the-clock psychological support hotline. Students, including international students, can get qualified help at 8 (800) 222-55-71.

RSUH Hotline provides psychological support to students at 8 (967) 199-33-50.

Hotline operating hours: Mon-Fri 10AM to 6PM

Please trust only official sources!

Any additional information will be promptly published on the official website of RSUH, as well as on:
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