First session of the Academic Council in 2024 held at RSUH


First session of the Academic Council in 2024 held at RSUH

The session was held on January 16, at which academic promotions were announced, the rules for admission to the university approved, the details of preparation for two conferences analyzed and the history of implementation of an important intra-university project highlighted

The meeting started with an academic promotion to the title of Associate Professor of

  • Elena Bakhadova, “General psychology, personality psychology, history of psychology”;
  • Yuri Bit-Yunan, “Russian literature and literature of the peoples of the Russian Federation”.

Then Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Pavel Shkarenkov highlighted the rules for admission - 2024.

Members of the Council approved the new rules and voted to publish them on the RSUH website on January 20, 2024.

First Vice-Rector Olga Pavlenko spoke about the preparation of the Conference of Faculty and Students of RSUH dedicated to the election of members to the Academic Council. She announced the composition of the steering committee and listed the activities carried out in preparation for the Conference.

The idea of the RSUH-based museum project “University looking to the future” and the progress of its implementation were described by Professor of the Department of Museology Anneta Sundieva and project manager Olga Pavlenko.

The session ended with a presentation from Rector Bezborodov and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of History Pavel Alipov, who spoke on the progress of preparations leading to the First International Conference “Russia - a state-civilization in the system of new geopolitical coordinates”. The event will take place at the Kuindzhi Mariupol State University in September 2024 with the assistance of RSUH, its experts and historians.