Celebratory All-Russian Conference Alyoshin Readings – 2022


Celebratory All-Russian Conference Alyoshin Readings – 2022

From 15 to 17 December 2022 The Celebratory All-Russian Conference with international participation "Alyoshin Readings - 2022. Philosophy as a Way of Living" dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Faculty of Philosophy of RSUH was held at RSUH. The Conference brought together over 300 participants and included 95 presentations.

The Conference was opened with a speech dedicated to Professor Valery Dmitrievich Gubin, founder and long-term Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of RSUH (1992–2018).

The plenary session included presentations by Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of RSUH Svetlana Konacheva (the topic of correlating theoretical knowledge and pre-theoretical experience). The topic related to Husserl's interpretation of philosophy as an "unnatural attitude" as opposed to the tradition of Descartes, Kant, Brentano was presented by Dr. Molchanov (RSUH).

The topic of irreducibility and translation of life and conceptual dimensions was demonstrated by Dr. Smirnov and Dr. Kirabaev.

An active discussion revolved around the topic of Dr. Filippov “Are social communities possible in the post-global era?”, which raised the question of the transformations of the philosophical community in the modern world.

A speech by Dr. Kozyrev (Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Lomonosov Moscow State University) completed the first day of the conference. He proposed to proceed from the correlation of the meaning of history and the meaning of life in the context of the Russian philosophical tradition, giving preference to meaning-setting within the framework of one's own life as opposed to the ambition of searching for global cultural and historical meanings.

Dean Kozyrev congratulated on his own behalf and on behalf of the entire faculty body of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, faculty members of the Faculty of Philosophy of RSUH on the 30th anniversary of the Faculty.

The topics covered on the second and third days were "Philosophy and the experience of modernity", "Philosophical life as optics and method", "Philosophy as modus vivendi: a historical perspective", "Philosophy in action", "Philosophy at the university", "Russian philosophy as a way to survive”, “Existentials of philosophy”, “Practices of philosophical life: ancient and modern”, “Post-philosophical life”, “Philosophy and/or polity”, “Philosophy and zhexue”.

On December 16-17, guests and participants of the Conference had the opportunity to join a total of eleven thematic sections, one of which ended with a "round table" on the phenomenon of the Faculty of Philosophy at a modern university in general and on the phenomenon of the Faculty of Philosophy of RSUH in particular.

During the work of the sections, the participants spoke about the aspects of the relationship of philosophy with its reproduction, historical fate and existence, with its condition of possibility and political foundation in different ways.

In the context of the Eastern philosophical tradition, one topic received a special consideration: the connection between life and philosophy (zhexue) in China was considered within a separate section led by Dr. Dmitriev (RAS, RSUH).

Within the framework of the section "Russian philosophy as a way to "survive", twenty-one presentations were made by scholars from Russia, Italy, Armenia, and Germany. The section was divided into three blocks. The first was devoted to the connections between Russian philosophical and literary traditions, the second to the reception of Platonism in Russian philosophy, the third to modern aspects of Russian philosophy.

The Conference was attended by teachers and researchers from leading Universities in Moscow and the regions: RSUH, St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State University, HSE, Institute of Physics of the RAS, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Immanuel Kant University, RANEPA, and other educational institutions and academic centers.