Russian-American Center

The Russian-American Academic Center for American Studies at RGGU was founded in September 2004 to help develop academic and cultural ties between RGGU and American universities, namely in the field of American studies. Academic and research activities are among the Center’s priorities.

The Center’s activities include:

  • teaching the English language and American Studies to International Relations and Philology students at RGGU;
  • organizing public lectures and courses by visiting American professors and speakers, often Fulbright Scholars and US Embassy officers (among them - Irwin Weil, Professor Emeritus at Northwestern and Honorary Professor at RGGU, Dr. Roann Barris, an art historian at Radford University, Jeff Parker, a writer and Creative Writing Program Director at the University of Toronto, Dr. Alexis Pogorelskin, a historian at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Dr. Lauren Brown, a historian at High Point University, Kevin Kabumoto fr om the US Embassy in Moscow, and many others);
  • sharing information and teaching/learning materials with teachers/students of American Studies and English (the Center has a good collection of fiction and non-fiction books, DVDs, magazines and journals, all available for checkout to RGGU students);
  • organizing international conferences  in the field of American Studies (such as  Us-Russia Cultural Doialogue, 2014, American Cultural Scene, 2010; Abraham Lincoln: Issues of Democracy and Unity, 2009; Language as a Means of Understanding and Misunderstanding, 2008, etc.);
  • trying to connect Russian and American students at RGGU, promote intercultural communication and discussion of cultural similarities and differences between the United States and Russia (we regularly have Russian-American tea parties, informal meetings wh ere Russian and American students can make new friends, get rid of cultural stereotypes, practice their English and Russian, and learn new things about each other's cultures);
  • playing an active role in organizing summer school programs;
  • providing support to Fulbright Students and Scholars (help with adjusting to Moscow life and organization of open lectures and courses for RGGU students)

We are also planning to launch an interdisciplinary program in American Studies for post-graduate studernts. The program will include courses in the English Language, History, Geography, Literature and Arts, Political System, Economy, etc.

Another project in progress is a series of lectures on modern Russian culture that could be offered to English-speaking students from our partner universities.