Department of Religious Studies

The Center for the Study of Religion functions as a department of the University and combines teaching and academic research. It focuses upon the historical study of religion. It offers bachelor and masters programs and covers a wide variety of religious phenomena, from early primal religions to cutting-edge encounters of religion with today’s world. The Center presents to students two different paths of education – religious studies and theology.

Center’s programs include:

  • History of religion (bachelor’s degree in religious studies)
  • Orthodox theology and culture (bachelor’s degree in theology)
  • Historical theology of Judaism (bachelor’s degree in theology)
  • Esotericism and mysticism (master’s degree)
  • Religion in the modern world (master’s degree)
  • Philosophy of religion and Religious Studies (PhD program)

The faculty of the Center offer classes in history, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology of religion. They also develop a program of field trips to provide the students with first-hand experience of contacting a wide range of religious communities in Moscow area. The Center’s vision is to promote academic, non-confessional religious studies placed into a broad knowledge universe of the modern university.


Shaburov, Nikolaj – Director, program director (BA History of religion, BA Orthodox theology and Culture); World Christianity, Hermetic Tradition, Russian Old-Believers, Religion in the movies.

Babkina, Svetlana— associate professor, program director (BA Historical theology of Judaism); Hebrew Studies, Kumranic studies. 

Razdyakonov, Vladislav – professor, program director (MA Esotericism and Mysticism, PhD. Philosophy of religion and Religious Studies); Religion and science, History of the religious studies, Sociology of religion, Russian spiritualism.      

Zelenova (Kuropatkina), Oksana – associate professor, program director (MA Religion in the Modern World); Protestantism, Reformation, Religion in the modern world, Religion and Mass Culture.


Aleksandrova, Ekaterina – associate professor; Ancient religions, Egyptology.

Bazlev, Michail – lecturer; Psychology of religion.

Chistiakov, Petr — associate professor, methods of archival research, History of Orthodoxy.

Davidogly, Sergej – Ancient religions; Latin and Greek lanquages.

Dreier, Matvej – lecturer; Hebrew, Aramaic.

Eliasberg, Galina – associate professor; Hebrew Literature.

Gordienko, Elena – assistant professor; religions of the Far East, Buddhism.

Krihtova, Tatjana – associate professor; Anthropology of religion, field research methods.

Kutzenko, Boris – assistant professor; religious practice, Buddhism

Malyshev, Boris – lecturer; Religions of the Far East, Hinduism.

Philippov, Michail – lecturer; Hebrew.

Pylaev, Maxim – professor; Philosophy of religion, Russian religious thought.

Sergazina, Karlygash — Russian spiritual sects.

Shapovalova, Elena – associate professor; Religion, politics and conflicts; Religious wars in Europe.

Shmaina-Velikanova, Anna – professor; Biblical religion, Early Judaism, Religion in Russian literature.

Sokolov, Pavel – associate professor; Islam, Quran.

Zelenina,Galina – associate professor; Hebrew Studies, Medieval Judaism.

Zhukova, Ludmila – associate professor; Anthropology of religion.