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Director – Valery Tishkov,  Ph.D., member of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of RAS

Specialty – Anthropology and Ethnology

Qualification – Anthropologist and Ethnologist

Majors – Social anthropology of world regions, human ethology

Full-time education

Core disciplines: Ethno-cultural composition of the world, human evolution, human ethology, history, psychology, culture and personality, anthropology of law, economic anthropology, anthropology of folklore, political anthropology, visual anthropology, anthropology of religion, applied anthropology, foreign languages

Anthropology and Ethnology studies man and society in diverse cultural environments. It explores both fundamental problems of social systems development and functioning as well as problem-solving methods for various applied subjects.

All the teachers of the Center are qualified specialists, many of them Ph.D’s. Also, a great number of experts from the RAS institutes are routinely delivering lectures and teaching practical courses. Foreign specialists are also invited.

During the course of their education students have four internships: in research institutes and museums of Moscow and St.-Petersburg as well as in the field.

Students of the Center take active part in scientific congresses. Workshops both in Russia and abroad are organized for them.

After graduation the students have an opportunity to pursue their studies as graduate students both in Russian and foreign institutes and universities.


Miusskaya Sq. 6, korpus 2, room 516

Moscow, 125047

email: uncsa@rggu.ru

Telephone: +7 (495) 250 6102; +7 (499) 973 4094 
(499) 973 4094 


Social anthropologists explore the diversity of social and cultural life of men. The range of interests of social anthropologist is very wide.  It can be, for example, beliefs and their relationship to science of Buddhist monks, traditional law among the Fiji islanders, female folklore in African villagers, ritual grieving in Western China, violence stereotypes in Northern Ireland, ritual transvestism in Nigeria, view of power and wealth among Russians, Islam and progressive economy in Brunei and so on.

Fieldwork, that is, the study of social life and culture of particular community under the participant observation method is the basis of social anthropology. Field materials are summarized, generalized and ethnographic profiles of particular cultures are worked out. These profiles then become subjects of comparative studies which, in their turn, give birth to anthropological theories and conceptions. Comparative study of general and particular aspects of human life help find universal laws of social life. Applications of anthropological theory assist in solving  complicated problems of human behavior and interactions.

The work of an anthropologist is fascinating and intellectual. It helps develop broad approach strategies from cross-cultural and multi-cultural perspectives. Social anthropology involves political and philosophical thinking. It is social anthropology that in the last 20 years has challenged the well-established tradition of historical research and ushered in the era of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in human science.

 Specialization in social anthropology provides a variety of occupational opportunities addressing both personal priorities and the demands of the present day.


 Biological anthropology

Human evolution

Human ethology

Ethno-cultural composition of the world

Evolution of society

Archaeology (Introductory course)

World pre-history

Universal history

Anthropological theory

Social anthropology of world regions

History of social anthropology

Methodology and methods of anthropological fieldwork

Culture and language

Society and Self

Culture and personality (psychological anthropology)

Gifts and goods: economic anthropology

Anthropology of law

Political anthropology

Ethnic psychology

Anthropology of religion

Anthropological museums and exhibitions

Applied anthropology



 Anthropology of folklore

Anthropology of gender

Childhood and culture

Visual anthropology

Myth, symbol, and ritual

Anthropology of humor

Money and its alienated existence

Sociocultural space and time

Culture and morals

Medical anthropology


 In 2008-2010 a research group of teachers and students of the Center together with some specialists and graduate students of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology took part in the research project “Social Anthropology of Modern Russian Town” that targeted life of citizens of small towns. All the participants of the project did fieldwork in one of the sel ected towns.

 The regions the study included were located in the central part of Russia, Krasnodar region in the South, Kaliningrad region in the West, and Altai in the East. The members of the project covered the towns that differ in natural environment, predominant occupation of citizens and age/sex composition of the population.

 Project members worked in small groups (2-4 persons) and did their research with such methods as participant observation, interviews, archive studies, photo/video recording and mass-media analysis. Several conferences and workshops were held as the project progressed.

 As a result several research reports reflecting the main conclusion were made, the materials of the expeditions were summarized and published in several articles, monographs and the collective two-volume monograph “Social Anthropology of Russian Town”.


 The teachers of our Center are qualified specialists, lecturers, Assistant and Associate Professors. Invited experts fr om Russia and other countries are also involved.

 Valery Tishkov, Director.  Associate Professor, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the RAS Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology. Dr. Tishkov studies social anthropology of USA and Canada, ethnic processes in modern society, ethnic conflictology,  anthropology of power and violence, problems of intercultural contacts in post-Soviet Russia and the CIS countries.

e-mail: tishkov@iea.ras.ru

 Olga Artemova, Deputy Director. Associate Professor, senior researcher at the RAS Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology.

Dr. Artemova studies social anthropology of Australia and Oceania, social organization, religion and art of stateless societies. 

e-mail: artemova.olga@list.ru   


Julia Artemova, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Artemova studies anthropology of humor, humor aspects of folklore, methodology of special translation, culture and personality, anthropology of religion, medical psychology.

e-mail: artjul@list.ru


Dmitry Bondarenko, Associate Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute of African Studies (RAS).

Dr. Bondarenko studies theory of socio-cultural evolution, political anthropology, stateless societies; ethnic, racial and religious aspects of intercultural contacts, Sub-Saharan Africa peoples.

e-mail: dbondar@hotmail.com


Yelisaveta Veselovskaya, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Veselovskaya studies biological and evolutionary anthropology, anthropological reconstruction

e-mail: e.veselovskaya@rambler.ru


 Mikhail Drambyan, senior lecturer.

Mr. Drambyan studies anthropology of war and peace, carries out comparative research of Caucasian and Balkan peoples

e-mail: drambyan@yandex.ru


Andrey Zagorulko, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Zagorulko studies social anthropology and economy of Korea, archaeological anthropology, anthropological geography.

e-mail: azagor@mail.ru


Mikhail Kabitsky, Assistant professor.

Dr. Kabitsky studies ethnology of Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy), ethnolinguistic minorities, early ethnic history and ethnogenesis of European peoples.

e-mail: kabitski@yahoo.es


Vladimir Klyaus, Associate Professor.

Dr. Klyaus studies traditional culture of Russian Old Believers, ritual folklore of Slavic and Siberian peoples, visual anthropology, computerization of ethnological and philological research, carries out anthropological source study.

e-mail: v.klyaus@mail.ru


Andrey Maurer, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Maurer studies biological anthropology, human ecology

e-mail: foto-rer@yandex.ru


Maria Tendryakova, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Tendryakova studies culture and personality, transmission of tradition through generations in illiteral cultures, anthropology of childhood and puberty.

e-mail: mashatendryak@gmail.com

Tatyana Uvarova, Professor.

Dr. Uvarova studies social anthropology of Eastern Siberia, information technologies in social anthropology, methodology of anthropological research.


Olga Khristoforova, Associate Professor.

Dr. Khristoforova studies folklore, social and cultural anthropology, visual anthropology, medical anthropology.



Elizaveta Zverkova - specialist of educational and methodical work

Dmitriy Dolgikh - specialist of educational and methodical work

Elena Lavrentyeva - analyst



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