The Department of Iranian Studies

International Russian-Iranian Centre

The Centre for Iranian Studies was founded in 2013 on the base of the Department of Iranian Studies founded in 1999 with the participation of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Russian   Federation, the Office of Culture at the Iranian Embassy and the Academy of sciences of IRI. The aim of the Centre is implementation of an interfaculty international specialization for students. The curriculum contains a number of special subjects of Iranian studies: ancient and modern Iranian languages, history, literature, culture, ethnography, customs and traditions of Iran. Students from the Institute of Linguistics, Division for the History, Political Sciences and Law, and from the Institute of Oriental Studies and Antiquity permanently study at the Centre.

The Centre holds the conferences, seminars, round tables, lectures by Russian and foreign scholars. This work contributes significantly to the development of the research, cultural and educational ties between the RSUH and foreign colleges. The Centre hosts the permanent seminar for Iranian studies for the scholars from the RSUH, Russian academic institutions, the Russian Academy of Sciences and specialists from Iran. The Seminar is engaged with the following issues: “History, archaeology and study of art”, “Philosophy and study of religion”, “Literary studies”, “Linguistics”, “Political science and political regional analytics”.

The Centre with collaboration of the Office of Culture at the Iranian Embassy holds annually courses with master classes of classical Persian calligraphy for Moscow students, specialists and all comers under the direction of the calligrapher from Iran.

The Centre has a large collection (about 1500 volumes) of educational and academic literature. The creation and stocking of the library funds was made possible by the cooperation with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Russian Federation and with the foreign partners. Also the Centre equipped with up-to-days video facilities.

One of the important results of the cooperation with the Iranian partners is the regular annual study tours to Iran (Teheran, Isfahan, Mashhad) for students and for the RSUH specialists. These study tours include the study of Persian language, literature, history and several disciplines related to the Iranian studies.

The head of the International Russian-Iranian Centre

Pavel Basharin
6 Miusskaya Ploshchad’, bldg. 2, rooms 506-508
+7 (499) 973-40-81