Entry requirements and tuition fees

Entry requirements and tuition fees

The dates of the entrance examination:

August 1-3 and 16-17, 2022 (the date of submission of documents: June 26 — August 11).

Who can apply: 4-years bachelors (240 credit points ECTS) or 3-years bachelors (180 credit points ECTS) if the degree was given by one of the top-300 universities

Entrance examination: For the admission on a fee-paying basis, you have to submit on time a set of documents in accordance with requirements and pass a free-form interview in the Russian or/and the English languages.

The another option of the admission is a quota of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Russian Federation for international students (https://studyinrussia.ru/en/study-in-russia/scholarships/).

To start preparation for the oral interview please contact the address vshek@rggu.ru, and we will give some additional recommendations how to pass it successfully.

Tuition Fees (2021): approx. 1300 $ per year (part-time). The exchange rate at the date of payment should be also considered.

It needs to be highlighted that the mode of study (and thereby the amount of the tuition fees), as well as some details of the combining the educational process in the English and the Russian languages, will depend on the number of students and their level of English and Russian.

The number of courses in English will depend on the number of enrolled students. It can range from 40% to 100% of the courses included in the curriculum of the program.

If the number of enrolled students is not enough for teaching 100% of the courses in English, it is assumed that English-speaking students pass the courses in English and intensively study the courses of Russian as the foreign language in the first year. The courses in Russian for them are taught in the second year and are accompanied by the special courses in English that help to pass the courses in Russian.

If there is a vast number of students enrolled on the fee-payed basis, it will be possible to open the program in full-time mode, as well as divide students into different groups depending on the language specificity.