Double diplomas

Double diplomas (view also in Russian)

The program’s organizer is an international educational scientific center Higher School for European Cultures of RSUH (in 1996-2007 - the Institute for European Cultures). Now HSEC is a part of the Faculty of Cultural Studies established in RSUH in 2018. Since 2007 it has been carrying out an international double degree MA program “Russian Culture” together with Lotman institute (Ruhr-University, Bochum, Germany). Since 2014 HSEC has been carrying out an international double degree MA program “Russia and Europe: Linguistic and Cultural Interaction” (together with the Institute of Slavic studies of the Innsbruck University and since 2018 - together with the Department of Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication of the State University of Milan, Italy).

Up to date (6.05.2021), 63 Russian students of HSEC received the diplomas of the foreign universities, and 31 international student received the RSUH diplomas.


The internship at the partner university (for a one-term at RUB, for a year at UNIMI) is the requirement for receiving the second diploma. This means that an MA student has to know the German (that is intensively taught in HSEC in the first year) and the Italian languages respectively as well as already know the Russian language well enough to pass in the first year of studying some of the compulsory courses in Russian. It is assumed that these courses will be taught in the second year for students whose level of the Russian language is lower. Consequently, this depresses the opportunity of the internship. The individualized curriculum that includes the internship if it is possible could be created depending on your language competences.

The financial support of DAAD (2400 Euros) is provided to the internship at RUB. The internal contest of HSEC assigns all the scholarships. The MA student (if they do not have any non-passed examinations) can also go to any one of the partner universities at their own expense without any scholarship support. In such instance, the education in the partner university is free of charge, and the student has the opportunity to receive the second diploma.