The international MA degree program “Russia and Europe: Linguistic and Cultural Interaction” is made for those, who

  1. want to study culture and modern society of Russia (mostly of XX-XXI centuries) during the MA education and at the same time do not speak Russian fluently and want to improve their skills while getting the MA degree;

  2. take Russian culture and history as a part of European and worldwide history and would like to acquire knowledge not only about Russian but also about international academic systems and to become competitive on European level (for instance, to enter a PhD program at one of the EU universities).

The graduates of the programs “Russian Culture” and “Russia and Europe” work in academical and scientific fields, in media and marketing, in the areas connected with international cooperation. A rather big part of the alumni decide to get a PhD degree in Russia or to apply for PhD at European universities after the graduating from HSEC.

What will a graduate of the program “Russia and Europe: Linguistic and Cultural Interaction” be able to do?