About the curriculum

The Structure (for 2022):

Compulsory modules: Methodology of cultural studies, Visual studies, Russian culture;

      Variable modules (depending on primary areas of students’ research interests): Russian as foreign language,  German, Fashion, Media, Cinema, Management of Cultural Projects.

  Core courses

  • History and Methodology of Studying Culture - 1,2
  • Research Methodology and Academic Culture
  • Modern Approaches to Studying Media Culture
  • Categories of Contemporary Sociocultural Research
  • Theory and Practice of Visual Arts in the XX-XXI Centuries
  • Modern Techniques for Analyzing Cultural Texts
  • Technologies for Applying Professional Competences
  • Studies of Culture in the Modern World
  • Contemporary Studies of Culture in Russia
  • Russian Visual Culture from the Middle Ages to the Present
  • Theory and Practice of the Teaching Methods of Culturology
  • Elective courses

  • Russian as a foreign language (up to 24 credit points)
  • Theory and Practice of the Analysis of Literary Texts
  • German language (up to 14 credit points)
  • Audio-Visual Practices in the XX-XXI Centuries
  • Post-Soviet and Soviet Cinema
  • History and Methodology of Socio-Humanitarian Scientific Knowledge
  • Soviet Popular Culture and Genre Cinema
  • Cultural Interaction of Russia and Europe in the XIX-XXI Centuries and Modern Historical Consciousness
  • Management of Sociocultural Projects
  • Close Reading of Key Theoretical Texts on Studies of Everyday Life
  • Cinema and Fashion
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Sociocultural Research Methods
  • Anthropological Turn in Humanitarian Studies of the XX-XXI Centuries
  • Cultural-Historical Regional Studies of Central Europe
  • History of Cultural Interaction of Russia and European Countries
  • History and Methodology of Studies of Russian Culture
  • Key Cultural Categories of Russian History
  • Cultural Mediation
  • Analysis of Cultural Processes
  • Theories and Methods of Studying Mass Culture
  • Foreign Cinema
  • Fundraising in the Humanities and Social Disciplines
  • Strategies and Practices of Interaction of Fashion and New Media
  • Modern and Anti-Modern in the History of Central Europe in the XVII-XXI Centuries

  • NB! The detailed list; the changes (3.03.2022) are still possible