Core (for russian-speaking students) courses

History and methodology of the study of culture

Methodology of research and academic culture

Cultural Studies in the Modern World

Modern cultural studies in Russia

Methods of teaching cultural studies

Mass culture: theories, typology, methods of research

History and methodology of socio-cultural knowledge

The seminar on master paper

Foreign language

Categories of modern socio-cultural studies

Theory and practice of analysis of literary texts

Modern approaches to the research of media culture

Soviet mass culture and genre movie

Theories and practices of visual art in XX-XXI centuries

Key cultural categories in the History of Russia


Elective courses

Russian as a foreign language (up to 30 credit points)


Studying and teaching cultural studies in Russia

Methodology of socio-cultural studies

History and methodology of socio-cultural knowledge

Research methods for cultural studies: cultural text analysis

Russian visual culture: from medieval to contemporary art

Visual studies: audio-visual practices in XX-XXI centuries 

Cultural management

Fundraising in the humanities

History of russian literature


Curriculum in Russian