Security Council

Security Council is a permanent body of United Nations that is, due to the article 24 of the UN charter, has the primary for maintaining international peace and security. Nowadays Security Council consists of 5 permanent members and 10 non-permanent members elected by the General Assembly every two years. Until 1965 there were 6 permanent members in the Security Council.

Christina Desyatnik
Meshchanenko Pavel
Sofiya Kifa
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Crisis agenda

Committee board

President (Председатель)

Honorable delegates!
I would like to invite you to The Crisis United Nations Security Council.

As one of the principal organs of the UN we are here to ensure international peace and security.

Our committee provides unique opportunities for the participants, such as great experience, self-improvement and a chance to change our history.

Model UN has always taken a special place in my heart, and for a good reason. This is a truly unique experience, where you participate in a serious, mature event that presents a test of skill in diplomacy and politics and, at the same time, you play a magnificent game of strategy and persuasion that both invigorates you with a sense of purpose and brings out your competitive side by pitting you against your adversaries in a heated, yet (hopefully) constructive debate.

Board in our time machine and see you this autumn!

Vice-President (Сопредседатель)

Honourable delegates!
It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you in one of the most important bodies of the UN – the Security Council.

At this model you are going to feel all tensions and all diplomatic battles inside the Security Council.

Undoubtedly, Model UN is a very unique event. On the one side, it’s a wonderful and useful experience in diplomacy and politics, negotiations and persuasion. On the other side, Model UN is a game, where you can make some new friends and enjoy every single second of these debates. Moreover, this model will give you a chance to turn the tide of the history and guide the international community towards the concepts of security, peace and prosperity your country considers necessary. This year I can assure you that our agenda is truly unique and astonishing!

I really hope that you will enjoy this Model UN! Looking forward to seeing you at the Security Council!

Expert (Эксперт)

Dear Delegates,
It is my honour to welcome you to the Historical Model United Nations RSUH 2021 on behalf of the Expert of Security Council.

As you see, the agenda in Security Council is the crisis one this year. It is a great opportunity to test your knowledge in maintaining international peace and to implement your practical skills on significant matters.

Security Council is a unique platform, famous for its vibrant debates, and the historical nature of our Model makes discussions even more exciting.

We are looking forward to working with you during this session!