About the Model UN

Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH is a warm tradition of the the Faculty of International Relations and Foreign Area Studies that will open it’s doors in 2023 for the 16th time for those who are not indifferent to the events happening in the world; for those who believe that humanity is able to resolve conflicts with dignity; for those who are ready to fight for the international peace and security tomorrow.

Model UN is an international student movement with the goal to recreate the work of the main UN bodies and special agencies within universities and schools as precisely as possible. Model UN is a symbiosis of a scientific conference and a role-playing game in the official languages of the United Nations. The participants of Model try on the role of the representatives of the UN member states and for the week defend the interests of the chosen state and all mankind in their committees.

Those who participate as journalists cover the work of the committees in the daily special edition of the Model UN RSUH - “Vestnik”.

Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH is a unique representative of the “model” movement in Russia. It’s participants think on the solution not only of current global problems, but also on the problems of the past. They investigate historic events and processes and are empowered to provide an alternative solution to the problem raised by our predecessors.

In 2023 you will have an opportunity to take part in recreating the work of 4 committees in 2 official languages of the UN: Russian and English. During the hot dispute the participants of every committee should find a compromise and adopt a resolution - document in which the vision of committee on the best solution of the issue raised on the agenda will be reflected.


Secretary General

Dear colleagues and friends!

I am pleased to welcome you on behalf of Secretary General of the XVI Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH!

Each year, Model UN attracts many talented students from across the country. It is my honor to represent the organizing committee and support the work of the student platform to discuss international issues. The Model UN allows students to develop their oratory skills, learn diplomatic discussion and broaden their horizons. We are pleased to welcome all those who are interested in international relations, politics and the work of the United Nations.

The Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH always looks into the past, but, as Hegel said, the past repeats twice. This year we will address the most pressing issues that have not been effectively resolved over the years. International terrorism, violation of international humanitarian law, tribunal for war criminals and protection of prisoners' rights will be the key agenda of the XVI Model UN RSUH. Resolutions adopted by participants could be ahead of their time.

I wish good luck to each of the participants and I will be glad to see everyone in the RSHU!

Deputy Secretary General for Information Policy

Dear colleagues and friends! I am pleased to welcome you to the XVI Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH!

The Historical Model UN is not only an opportunity to touch history, feeling the importance of the decisions made then, but also a chance to find like-minded people, some of whom you can call Friends with a capital letter!

The model teaches compromise even in the most desperate situations, allows you to build an open and honest dialogue between delegates, broadens the horizon and allows you to truly enjoy the moment.

I wish you an unforgettable and so important experience on the XVI Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH, keeping a balance between work in committees and the cultural program!

Welcome, my dear friends!

Deputy Secretary General for Organizational Affairs

Dear colleagues, guests of the Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH!

The historical model of the United Nations is not just a scientific and practical conference. First, it is an opportunity to participate in the work of the United Nations bodies, to contribute to the world order, to understand the pressing issues and problems of the past, to find their keys to solution and to feel the importance of global interaction. Second, the model teaches compromise in international cooperation, improves public speaking skills by appearing in committees, and becomes a true expert in negotiation - all of these skills are incredibly important in life. However, in my view, the most important of the benefits sound like this: the model is a place of friendship, light, peace, new acquaintances, and certainly the Model UN teaches to be people.

I am glad that guests have the opportunity to touch history and prove themselves within the walls of our university. Our Model UN is a stunning place for receiving positive emotions and unique experience, and I sincerely wish every participant to enjoy it in full!

Head of the media sector

Dear delegates!

On behalf of the Head of the Media Sector XVI of the Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations, RSUH welcomes you to our conference!

The main feature of our Model has always been, is and will be a warm friendly atmosphere in each of the committees and in the RSUH as a whole. We guarantee you that each of us will do everything possible to preserve, maintain and improve our beloved UN Model RSUH!

In turn, the media sector will selflessly and responsibly cover the activities of each committee, and all kinds of bright and interesting events! Also «Vestnik» will serve us all flywheel of time and will allow us to save all dear moments of the heart.

From myself I personally promise to everyone invaluable experience, meeting new interesting people and vivid impressions. See you at XVI UN Model RSUH!

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