About the Model UN

Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH is a warm tradition of the the Faculty of International Relations and Foreign Area Studies that will open its doors this autumn for the 15th time for those who are not indifferent to the events happening in the world; for those who believe that humanity is able to resolve conflicts with dignity; for those who are ready to fight for the international peace and security tomorrow.

Model UN is an international student movement with the goal to recreate the work of the main UN bodies and special agencies within universities and schools as precisely as possible. Model UN is a symbiosis of a scientific conference and a role-playing game in the official languages of the United Nations. The participants of Model try on the role of the representatives of the UN member states and for the week defend the interests of the chosen state and all mankind in their committees. Those who participate as journalists cover the work of the committees in the daily special edition of the Model UN RSUH - “Vestnik”.

Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH is a unique representative of the “model” movement in Russia. It’s participants think on the solution not only of current global problems, but also on the problems of the past. They investigate historic events and processes and are empowered to provide an alternative solution to the problem raised by our predecessors.

In 2021 you will have an opportunity to take part in recreating the work of 8 committees in 4 official languages of the UN: Russian, English, Spanish and French. During the hot dispute the participants of every committee should find a compromise and adopt a resolution - document in which the vision of committee on the best solution of the issue raised on the agenda will be reflected.


Secretary General

Dear colleagues, I greet you on behalf of the Secretary General of the XIV Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations.

I am very pleased to be a part of the event, which is attended by students from different universities of Moscow and other Russian cities, foreigners, schoolchildren and just interested persons. The Model UN is a great opportunity to practice public speaking and discussion skills, gain new knowledge and spend some time with pleasure. As you already know, the Historical Model UN of the RSUH is unique because we work with the agendas that have been raised at the meetings of the United Nations in the past. This distinctive feature is what makes the Model more difficult, because it’s participants have to look at the problems not from the modern point of view, but that also makes the Model more attractive and intriguing. Your goal is not to copy the history but to write your own, not being guided by "knowledge of the future". Be creative while considering the agenda, imagine yourself in the shoes of the delegations that discussed it in the past. Perhaps, the result will be the same, perhaps not. It’s for you to decide!

Deputy Secretary General for work with committees

Dear colleagues and friends!
I am very happy to welcome you on behalf of the Deputy Secretary General of the XIV Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH.

This year you will have a unique opportunity to review the decisions of our predecessors on 9 important historical issues, some of which remain unresolved nowadays. In the process of search for a solution you will apply practically your knowledge in the area of history and politics, develop your professional skills, get to know purposeful people and if you participate in the committee, the work of which is conducted in the foreign language - improve your vocabulary and speaking. Model of the UN is an important lesson where we can learn to fight for justice, for international peace and security, for our own interest and for interests of the states.

It’s a great honor for me to participate in the organisation of such interesting, useful and enjoyable event in my university. I hope that our Model of the UN will provide you with a huge sense of accomplishment, with some new friends and invaluable experience and that Models will become an important part of your student lives.

Deputy Secretary General for Organizational Affairs

Dear colleagues and friends, I am glad to welcome you to the XVI Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH!

The UN model brings together students from different universities and cities. It is a special honor for me to observe the work of the committees and the efforts of delegates to solve problems that still attract public attention. A feature of our model is the ability to go back in time and plunge into the socio-economic and political context of another decade.

All committees and delegates are unique, but they all share a love of history. In order for you to have a good time after the meetings and get to know the participants from other committees, we have prepared a cultural program. I hope that you will remember the Model UN of the RSUH for a long time, and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest!

Head of media department

Honorable future delegates, friends!
On behalf of the Media Sector Head of the XV Moscow International Historical United Nations Model RSUH is pleased to welcome you to our conference!

This year, students will work in different committees that differ from each other in working language, agenda, structure, but are similar in essence. The main feature of the committees is historicism. It is who encourages not just to participate, but to play the role and reproduce the meeting through the prism of actually held meetings.

Directly in my sector, I am waiting for all those who are not indifferent to our Model organization, ready to cover the work of all committees and any interesting and most striking events taking place during the event. You will have the opportunity to lead a column in our "Vestnik", engage in social networks, interview distinguished invited guests and much more.

On my own behalf, I promise everyone an unforgettable experience. After all, the UN Model is not just a role-playing game. This is communication. This is an inspiration. This is a family.

Chief designer

Dear friends! I’m glad to greet you at the XV Moscow International Historical Model of the United Nations RSUH!

Model of the UN is an exclusive intellectual platform for those who want to be immersed in the world of the diplomacy and feel the atmosphere of international negotiations. In the framework of committees meetings students have a unique opportunity to research in detail problems that are significant for the global community, as well as propose their own solutions.

The Historical Model of the UN RSUH stands out by its consideration of agendas reflecting the past events. This is especially useful for understanding the origins of various problems which are vital for the world community here and now.

While participating in discussions, you will not only broaden your horizons but also make friends from different countries around the world. Therefore, I can strongly recommend you to join our model movement and manifest yourself as a delegate!

I wish you to find your like-minded people, acquire new knowledge and have a pleasant time being surrounded by intellectual people!


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