2nd Festival of Indian and Russian Culture “All the colors of India in Tarusa”

The 2nd Festival of Indian and Russian Culture “All colours of India in Tarusa” was held in Tarusa city Kaluga Region on Sat., Jun. 10, 2017 beginning fr om 12:00 pm till 7:00 pm.

The event was actively supported by the Administration of the municipal district "Tarusskiy Region" and the JNCC, Embassy of India to the Russian Federation.


The “AMRIT” Indian Cultural Centre (Tarusa city, Kaluga region)

“Art-Design” Centre of Training and Research, RSUH

International Centre for South Asian studies, RSUH

Faculty of International Relations and Regional Studies, RSUH

"Hindustani Samaj" Association of Indian Community 

Ismail Akhmetov's Foundation

The Festival was aimed for some reasons: 

to mark the Day of Russia (June, 12) and the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and India;

to promote Indian culture including Indian movies, classical and modern Indian dances and music, Indian poetry and handicrafts to Tarusa people.

His Excellency Mr Pankaj Saran, Ambassador of India ti Russia was Honoured Guest at the Festival. 

Mr Pankaj Saran, Mr. Jeysundhar D, Director of the Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre (JNCC), Mr. Amarendra Parida, First Secretary (Press), Embassy of India in Moscow  met with the official delegate from Kaluga region administration:

Mr Vladimir Potemkin, Deputy Governor of the Kaluga Region; 

Ms Irina Anatolievna Ageeva, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Kaluga Region; 

Mr Evgeny Maltsev, the Head of the municipal area “Tarusa Region”; 

Ms Nadezhda Kovrizhkina, Head of Department of Culture Tarusa municipal area.

Russian State University for the Humanities was presented by:

Prof Efim Pivovar, President of RSUH, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science; 

Prof Rotislav Rybakov, Russian scholar of Oriental Studies, writer, Padma Shri winner ;

Dr Galina Volkova, Director of the Centre for “Art-Design”; Dr Tatyana Borisova, promoter of an exhibition of students' paintings devoted to India and Russia;

Dr Alexander Stolyarov, Director of the Centre for South Asiam studies;

Dr Indira Gazieva, Hindi teacher and 3d year Hindi group students.

The “Hindustani Samaj” Indian Community in Moscow was represented by Dr Kashmir Singh, President, Santosh Mishra, Pragati Tipnis and others.

Mr Manish Kumar, President Soltex Group.

Distinguished indolojist - Ms Irina Maximenko, Ms Tatyana Egorova, Ms Irina Lebedeva, Ms Ludmila Pataki etc.

Ms. Elena Tarusskaya, Chief Editor of the “Trajectory of Creativity”, poet and translator.

“AMRIT” Indian Cultural Centre (Tarusa city, Kaluga Region) headed by Mr Satish Malik, Natalya Tarutina, Director, Ekaterina Tryasoumova and Marina Tryasoumova were organizers of the Festival.

The Festival is held at two venues in Tarusa:

Venue II: Centre of Culture (Gorkiy street, 24). There was an opening ceremony with welcoming speeches of Mr Vladimir Potemkin, Deputy Governor of the Kaluga Region and His Excellency Mr Pankaj Saran.

The delegation of the Embassy of India visited the Children's Art School, the Tarusa Picture Gallery, and made a  tour along the Oka riverside.

After the cultural program His Excellency Mr Pankaj Saran visited the art exhibition of RSUH students' paintings devoted to Indian and Russian culture. Mr Pankaj Saran talked with 3d year students - Angelina Chuprina, Natalia Palachar, Eleonora Suleymanova, Veronika Filimonova and the teachers - Dr Galina Volkova and Dr Tatiyana Borisova. RSUH students told His Excellency about the dream to visit India and meet with Indian students of Fine Arts at the Universities of Pune, Delhi and Kurukshetra.

RSUH teachers and students presented to His Excellency one of their paintings as a gift.

Concert program presented:    

 Performance of the "Om Namah" group of Indian folk music. Pablo Gracha (tabla, Argentina), Anastasia Shemyakina (flute, Russia);

Bollywood dance performance. "Arjumand" dance school Moscow;

“Fusion” music performance of Ustad Gulam Sabri, JNCC music teacher and his students/

Kathak style performance of Mr Dharmender Gautam, JNCC dance teacher;  

Venue II: The House of Literature (Efremova str., 37A)

Mr Ismail Akhmetov, President of “Ismail Akhmetov Foundation for education and support of culture” showed His Excellency Mr Pankaj Saran the House of literature in Tarusa Sity wh ere there was an opening ceremony of Pragati Tipnis’s and Aleena Lebedeva‘s art exhibition.

 Professor Rostislav Rybakov‘s lecture "Pierrot of the Silver Age and the Apocalypse of the 1917th";

 Ustad Gulfam Sabri, JNCC music teacher  and Mr  Dharmendra dance teacher and his students presented concert program.

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