International Yoga cum Ayurveda Festival

Hindi group students and teachers of RSUH have organized an International Yoga cum Ayurveda Festival on April 22, 2015.
In the course of arranging the Year of India in Russia in 2015, this event is carried out by the International Centre for South Asian Studies and the Faculty of International Relations and Foreign Area Studies of the Institute for History and Archives of the RSUH with the assistance of Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre of the Indian Embassy, Moscow (JNCC).
During Vladimir V. Putin’s official visit to India on December 11, 2014, Narendra Modi, Republic of India’s Prime Minister, and President of Russia issued a mutual statement Friendship-Dosti and adopted the Plan for strengthening Russian-Indian Partnership in the next decade. Item 33 of this Plan tells that both India and Russia would encourage cooperation in promoting healthy lifestyle and sustaining good fitness through inclusion the traditional Indian forms of Yoga and Ayurvreda, which includes building up Yoga centres and camps, and Ayurveda centres. In this connection International Centre for South Asian Studies and the Faculty of International Relations and Foreign Area Studies of the Institute for History and Archives of the RSUH are opening series of programs for promoting the healthy lifestyle for RSUH students, teachers, and stuff.
Ayurveda in India is known as an official medical system having well organised educational system, training high-level specialists, postgraduate students, and PhDs in medicine like it exists in allopathy. There are several centres in Russian Federation involved in spreading knowledge on Ayurveda as the longevity science, publishing research and practice, and educational magazines. Ayurveda products are spreading all-over Russia through Internet-shops of Ayurveda goods. Eminent specialists on Ayurveda and Yoga are taking part in this Festival.
Prof Efim I. Pivovar, rector of RSUH, Dr of History and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof Alexander B. Bezborodov, academic director, Dr of History, and Anna G. Matveeva, associate rector for international relations, PhD (history), actively supported the idea of holding INTERNATIONAL YOGA CUM AYURVEDA FESTIVAL at RSUH.
There are two RSUH bodies in charge of the Festival: Faculty of International Relations and Foreign Area Studies of the Institute for History and Archives (Dr Olga V. Pavlenko, the Head), and the International Centre for South Asian Studies (Dr Alexander A. Stolyarov, the Director).
Officials of the Indian embassy in Moscow have made great efforts for supporting INTERNATIONAL YOGA CUM AYURVEDA FESTIVAL. They are: Mr Rahul Shrivastava, Counsellor (Press, Information & Culture) & Director (JNCC), Mr Ashish Sharma, Deputy Director and Mr Sanjay Jain, Deputy Director of JNCC.
The inauguration was opened at 4:00 pm. Alexander A. Stolyarov, Director, International Centre for South Asian Studies inaugurated the Festival telling about the series of educational lectures on Yoga and Ayurveda for RSUH students and teaching stuff in the frames of carrying up the Year of India in Russia in 2015.
Mr Sanjay Jain, Deputy Director, JNCC, presents his welcome address to the participants.
Ms Anita Karilyo-Arkas, President of Ayurveda Russian-Indian Association, Member of Expert board of the State Duma Committee for Public Health, in her welcome address makes participants known with the Association, its social and commercial Projects like Ayurveda promotion and development in Russia, innovative project for developing the Centre for high medical technologies “Russian Research Ayurveda Institute”, program draft for promoting advanced Indian Ayurveda medicines into Russian pharmaceutical market, project “Ayurveda product” for commercialising the opportunities of Ayurveda medical system in educational, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic activities. Ms Karilyo-Arkas has pointed out that Ayurveda, being a complementary system, proved its effectiveness. Also she pointed out the need to follow the WHO recommendations regarding use of traditional medicine including Ayurveda for upgrading public health service in Russia, and improving the lifestyle of citizens.
Dr Suresh Baby, Yoga teacher of JNCC presents a Yoga demonstration masterclass “Pranayama as the basic for a healthy lifestyle”.
There is an Exhibition working during the Festival, envisaging:
Presentation of Ayurveda medicines, beauty products, Ayurveda products for optimising lifestyle, and publications on Ayurveda. Presentation of Ayurveda centres, directions, and practical specialists:
ARIA – Ayurveda Russian-Indian Association, advisory services -
Atreya Ayurveda – Centre for Ayurveda medicine and Yoga-therapy -
Kerala – Centre for Ayurveda and Yoga -
Ayurveda market shop -
Indian spices shop -
RAMAYOGA.RU shop – everything for Yoga and intellectual development -
Yoga journal -
CoCoYoYo -
Veda Health Centre -
Indigo tour - Russian Travel agency -
RSUH Press-centre, RIA-Sputnik, Yoga journal are announcing this Festival in social networks
Yoga journal -
The group of teachers from Maharaja Sarajirao University of Baroda (Gujarat, Inida) professor Dr.Debal Dasgupta, Niki Chaudhuri, Juliya Tomson and Nitesh Chaudhuri visited RSUH for the signing MOU between MS University of Baroda and RSUH.

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