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Department of World History



Chair: Dr. Natalia Basovskaya



Dept. of World History,

Korpus 5, Room 511-513, RGGU

Chayanova St., 15, korpus 5, Moscow;

Room 10, RGGU, Nikolskaya St., 15, Moscow.

email: whistory1@yandex.ru

      Department of World History:

  • Leading experts in the area of European, American, Asian and African history.
  • Up-to-date courses "World History" and "History of World Civilizations"  (history of ancient times and the Middle Ages, modern and contemporary history).
  • Cooperation with leading research centers in Russia (Institute of General History, Russian Academy of Sciences; Institute of the Middle East; Institute for Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences; Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences) and abroad (Ecole pratique des hautes études - Sorbonne; Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin).
  • Publication of articles and monographs.
  • Representation at  the Academic Council of RSUH.
  • Organization of international and Russian conferences on history.
  • Guidance of research work of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.
  • Graduates of the Department are excelling in education, science and business fields.

List of courses and seminars

History of the Ancient World and the Middle Ages:

Aurov. Source study of Medieval History.

Aurov. Medieval Latin texts.

Basovskaya. The Leopard vs. Lily: 300 years of Anglo-French conflict.

Braun. Witchcraft and the Inquisition in European history.

Bulycheva. Colonies of Magna Graecia.

Volodarsky. German culture of the Durer Era.

Ermolova. Late Rome: Society and State.

Gorelov. History of England in the Middle Ages.

Petrova. Carolingian era.

Petrova. Prosopography as a special historical discipline.

Grechnyh. Religion and cults in ancient Rome.

Modern and contemporary history:

Voevodsky. History of South Africa in the biographies of its leaders.

Zhenin. Historiography of the modern period in the West.

Kalmykov. Latin America as a world historical process.

Molchanov. Source study of contemporary period in the West.

Rostislavleva. State and nation in German history of the 17-20-th centures.

Saprikina. Self-identification of Slavdom and Slavic nationalism.

Shcherbakov. USSR in regional conflicts in Asia and Africa.