Socio-cultural projects in museums

Socio-cultural projects in museums

The program enables the students to master the skills for carrying out design and project work with all types of objects of cultural heritage. Students are involved in the implementation of sociocultural projects in federal museums and are given practical work to gain experience in independent project activities in municipal, departmental, public, private museums. For this, a number of practical outreach classes conducted on the basis of museums and museumifiable monuments are included in the program.

Some of our faculty are leading experts in the field of museology and protection of cultural heritage, experienced museum specialists from the largest museums in Moscow.

Types of occupation: research, pedagogical, organizational, managerial and project-oriented.

Key disciplines of the program: “Sociocultural design”, “Museum design: current trends”, “Design of expositions and exhibitions”, “Main types of museum activity: formation and implementation”, “Museum collection management technologies”.

Great opportunities for students are provided by the sociocultural environment of RSUH, that is, collections of the Tsvetaev Museum Center (part of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts) of RSUH, which hosts numerous art exhibitions; international educational and academic centers.

Students participate in national and international conferences, round tables, seminars, schools.

Graduates can carry out professional activities in the field of culture, education and science: research institutes, expert and analytical centers, centers of aesthetic education, museums, foundations, and cultural management bodies.

Ph.D. studies comprise track 24.00.03 Museology, preservation and restoration of historical and cultural objects.

Language:  Russian
Faculty/departmentFaculty of Art History