Corporate finances

Corporate finances

The program is aimed at training a new type of economists, developing their culture and skills for researching business financial decisions using a modern research apparatus. This allows corporations to optimize their interaction with financial markets and strengthen their competitive position in any financial and economic environment.

The program provides future specialists with knowledge and skills necessary to manage financial flows, raise capital, conduct business evaluations, develop relations with investors, and manage financial risks.

The program combines theoretical and applied financial knowledge as regards strategic management of the company. Based on the theory of corporate finance, the program provides enables its graduates to use a wide practical application of knowledge and skills in a changing business environment. It forms the necessary general cultural and professional core competencies both for working in non-financial entities and for conducting research on the theory and practice of corporate finance.

Types of occupation: research and analysis.

Key disciplines of the program: “Microeconomics (advanced course)”, “Corporate finance (advanced course)”, “Assessment and management of business value”, “Methodology of research”, “Corporate and project financing”, “Corporate behavior on financial markets”, etc.

Areas of occupation: economic, financial, marketing and analytical services of businesses in various industries and forms of ownership; state and municipal bodies; academic and research organizations; professional educational organizations, institutions of continuing professional education.

Graduate M.A. studies comprise track 08.00.10 Finance, monetary circulation and credit

Level:  Master
Language:  Russian
Faculty/departmentFaculty of Economics