Comprehensive security of software

Comprehensive security of software

The doctrine of information security of the Russian Federation considers the development and improvement of the training system for personnel working in the field of information security as a priority task of state policy. The tasks of staffing were included as a separate section in the List of priority areas of research in the field of information security of the Russian Federation, and were repeatedly discussed at meetings of the Interdepartmental Commission of the Security Council and the Information Security Section of the Scientific Council under the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Ministry of Education and Science, in cooperation with the interested federal executive bodies, has formed the main directions of a multilevel system of education in the field of information security.

Types of occupation: organizational, managerial and operational, design and technology, research and development.

Students acquire thorough training in the field of modern methods of comprehensive information security of various types of software, organizational, legal, engineering and cryptographic methods of protection of data in information systems, development of regulatory and methodological documents, information systems for search, analysis, processing and storage of information, decision making.

Key disciplines of the program include: modeling of processes and systems for data protection, technical data protection, software and hardware data protection, cryptographic methods of data protection, technical regulation in the field of data protection, protection of information processes in automated systems, design of systems for protecting software, protection from unauthorized access, administration of data protection subsystems.

Areas of occupation: science, engineering and technology as related to ensuring data security.

The graduates can work in state and non-state structures that have specialized services in the field of information security and information protection.

Level:  Bachelor
Language:  Russian
Faculty/departmentFaculty of Information Systems and Security