Business management

Business management

The program is relevant for the Russian labor market and is aimed at training new generation managers, able to comprehensively solve the issues of effective management of companies and their structural divisions, form a team of professionals, make informed decisions that ensure sustainable long-term business growth, choose optimal competitive strategies and effectively use modern management technologies, evaluate managerial risks, and prevent intra-organizational conflicts.

The advantages of the program:

  • in-depth study of the liberal arts, socio-economic and natural-scientific disciplines that make up the basis of training, which allows students to get acquainted with the main achievements in these areas, analyze socio-political and socio-economic processes, and use the knowledge in various areas of professional activity;
  • study of historical trends in the development of managerial thought, methodological and theoretical foundations of management, a system of management methods in socio-economic systems, comparative analysis tools used to evaluate the effectiveness of various innovative programs and business projects;
  • formation of a unique environment for business and intellectual communication, conduct of master classes, as well as widespread use of active and interactive forms of conducting classes (interactive seminars, discussions, computer simulations, business and role-playing games). Types of occupation: organizational, managerial, analytical.

Key disciplines of the program: “Management”, “Marketing”, “Strategic Management”, “Financial Management”, “Human Resource Management”, “Information Management”, “Project Management”, “Enterprise Economics”, “Production and Operational Management” , "Logistics", "Organizational Behavior", "Management Decisions", etc.

Areas of occupation: commercial and non-profit organizations.

Level:  Bachelor
Language:  Russian
Faculty/departmentFaculty of Management