ZOOM, sleep and yoga: what students think of the distance learning

ZOOM, sleep and yoga: what students think of the distance learning

We interviewed the students found out what they liked and didn’t like about long-distance education.

“For me, the main advantage of distance learning was saving time. There were times when I woke up 10 minutes before class and it was fine. So much free time has appeared! ”

Anastasia Berestovskaya, Journalism

“No need to get up and go somewhere. Transportation taken out of the picture is a HUGE PLUS. ”

Anna Petrosyan, Journalism

However, distance learning has significant disadvantages, too. Frequent problems with connecting to the Internet is the main drawback of remote learning.

 “Sometimes it is hard to join the session. Sound and video can also lag. 

Anita Zhamkochyan, Journalism

"Teachers of advanced age can’t always cope with applications for communication, because this is unusual for them."

Greta Sadoyan, Journalism

Distance learning provides the time that students could devote to family, friends, and themselves.

“I now have time to do sports, yoga, stretching, playing the piano. And finally, the stack of the unread books has decreased. ”

Anastasia Berestovskaya, Journalism

The lack of live communication, however, reduces communication with both the teacher and classmates to a minimum.

“There is a lack of direct contact and live communication. There is no way to interact live with the teacher, ask questions, discuss something, talk. ”

Anna Maslova, Journalism

“Hands-on disciplines start lagging behind because some things cannot be taught remotely.”

Greta Sadoyan, Journalism

There are students who believe that it is easier for them to take in information in a home environment.

“Learning material is better absorbed at home”

Galina Slobodyanyuk, Journalism

For some the home environment becomes a hurdle on the way of the educational process, there is a tendency to procrastinate.

“An irregular schedule and the unstructured daily routine loosens discipline.”

Svetlana Zabelina, Journalism

Despite the fact that in most cases students prefer the face-to-face education, they consider distance learning a worthy alternative in emergency situations.