What can applicants expect in 2022? Summing up the results of Admissions-2021

What can applicants expect in 2022? Summing up the results of Admissions-2021

This year, over 3800 people have entered RSUH. This year, there is an increase in the proportion of RSUH graduates enrolled in M.A. programs. We discussed the main results of Admissions-2021 and learned what applicants may expect in 2022.

1. What do applicants focus on when choosing a university?

Applicants and their parents pay attention to the high level of educational services, the professionalism of teachers and the technical support. We are talking not only about the equipment, but also about the library, sports, medical center, cafeteria, computer labs and access to the Internet, as well as the prospects for employment. The tuition also plays an important role.

The correctly chosen university provides an opportunity for young people to productively immerse themselves in the learning process and acquire a wide range of competencies for both their personal and social expectations.

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2. What programs have become the most popular this year? What accounts for it?

According to the number of freshmen, these are "Advertising and PR", "Philology", "Law", "International Relations" and "Linguistics".

3. Which program enjoyed the highest competition level in 2021?

The highest level of competition for the B.A. level was in "Advertising and PR", 313 people per spot.

4. What programs were opened for the first time in 2021?

B.A. and Specialist programs:

● "Conflict management in the geopolitical dimension in the post-Soviet space", track "Management".

● "Psychology of political and interethnic conflicts in the post-Soviet space", track "Psychology".

● "History of Ancient Egypt and Sudan", track "History".

● "Psychology of Management and Organizational Consulting", track "Psychology of Performance".

● "Service".


● "Analysis and expert analysis of international processes", Smart civilization", track "International relations".

● "Slavic languages ​​and literatures in the European context", "Slavic world and Italy", track "Philology".

● "State apparatus of modern Russia: historical models, strategic planning and analysis", track "History".

● "Psychological support of the treatment process", track "Psychology".

● "Talent management for sustainable development", track "Human Resources".

● "Documentation and archival science", "Culturology" (long-distance option).

5. How many international applicants have applied to RSUH this year?

A total of 386 people: 226 people for undergraduate and specialist programs, 62 people for M.A. programs, 98 people according to RF quota.

6. What programs are the most popular among international applicants?

Advertising and PR, International Relations, Philology, Management, Journalism, Law, Linguistics.

7. What admission trends can be traced in recent years?

The main trend is the reduction in the number of state-funded spots. Another trend is transition of many processes into an electronic format. We can also mention the ever stable popularity of RSUH both in the number of applications and in the number of students enrolled.

8. How do applicants from, for example, five years ago, differ from those of today?

In general, they have not changed, only having become more technically savvy, for obvious reasons.

9. What is the main outcome of Admissions-2021?

RSUH fully fulfilled the admission plan for state-funded spots, while maintaining high passing scores in almost all programs. The admission goals for paid education spots were successfully met as well. An analysis of the admissions campaign in 2021 provided valuable information for the further development and improvement of the educational strategy at RSUH.

10. What are the first things to pay attention to in Admissions-2022?

We will present an interesting and relevant set of degree programs for applicants and pay attention to new areas of training. We will create additional opportunities for applicants by optimizing the entrance examinations and taking into account the results of Olympiads. Throughout the year, we will be telling potential applicants and their parents about admission, training programs, etc.

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+7 (495) 250 71 71

+7 (499) 973 40 16 (info on admission)

+7 (499) 973 40 17 (hot line for admission of persons with disabilities)

+7 (495) 250 71 20 (info on entrance exams)

+7 (495) 250 61 10 (admission to distance learning programs)

+7 (495) 250 61 80 (admission for international students)

+7 (499) 973 40 03; +7 (495) 250 61 94 (admission to College of Humanities)

+7 (495) 250 63 05; +7 (495) 250 66 25; (legal aspects, tuition for maternity capital)

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