The first session of the Academic Council of RSUH in 2021
 The first session of the Academic Council of RSUH in 2021

The first session of the Academic Council of RSUH in 2021

The session was held on January 26, at which the results of the University's information policy in 2020 were summed up, the new ones adopted and changes made to the existing local regulatory documents.

Dr. Mikhail Kozhokin, Vice-Rector for Development and Information Resources, reported the results of the information policy of University in 2020 and spoke about plans for 2021.

According to the monitoring of Rosobrnadzor, throughout 2020 the official website of the RSUH was steadily in the "green zone", conforming to the established guidelines by 96-100%.

The promo website of Admissions-2020 was visited by almost 85 thousand people. The bulk was made up of young people aged 18 to 24 (36%). In general, the website received almost 4 million views. In the summer of 2020, the Telegram channel "RSUH Admissions-2020" was launched, later becoming the official representation of the University in Telegram.

The list of successfully implemented projects in 2020 includes a complete revamp of the English-language version of RSUH website, the projects "75 Years of Victory", "RSUH Lecture Hall", the promo-site "The 90th anniversary of the Institute of History and Archives", a section devoted to the prevention of COVID. The design and structure of the main page of the site have also been updated.

Dr. Kozhokin emphasized that despite the pandemic all the goals for the development of the University's information policy had been timely and successfully implemented.

“The task was to actively work with the governing bodies, students and applicants, as well as to maintain the policy of promoting RSUH. The tasks that were set by the Academic Council at the beginning of 2020, including quantitative indicators, had been completed. There hasn’t been a single glitch in the work of the website,” Vice-Rector noted.

Plans for 2021 include the creation of a unified Admissions Web section, the development of a centralized Admissions database, as well as the creation of a "USE calculator". It is also planned to open RSUH channel on Yandex Zen and increase the presence of online academic content.

In addition, an interactive project "Map of Research of RSUH" was presented, aimed at systematizing information about research at RSUH and its links to the worldwide academic community .

Rector of RSUH was happy with the results. “The issue of information policy has been brought up many times. We set out to improve the image of RSUH in the media space. I think we have made progress in this direction,” Rector said.

Dr. Nadezhda Arkhipova, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, proposed to nominate the educational module "Historical and documentary heritage of the Great Patriotic War: methods of searching, identifying and researching personal documents" and its team of authors (Dr. Bezborodov, Dr. Pavlenko, Dr. Taratorkin and Dr. Khorkhordin) for the award of the Russian government in the field of education.

The module contains a methodology for working with home archives of participants in the War. The priority is cooperation with the community of school history teachers and students, with whom, based on the methodological recommendations developed at RSUH, one can conduct seminars and training sessions on the subject of search and description of the personal archives of the participants of the Great Patriotic War.

“This will allow us to investigate more specifically the human dimension of the history of the War and reveal the diversity of life situations of combatants,” stressed Dr. Arkhipova.

The module has been used for several years at the Department of Archives and Records Management of the University.

First Vice-Rector Olga Pavlenko noted that undergraduates and graduate students of the Institute of History and Archives took part in the project, having conducted research in 19 archives.

“The essence of the work is to research what no one has researched before: letters from teachers and students from the front,” said Dr. Pavlenko.

The initiative was unanimously supported by the members of the Council.

Rector Bezborodov presented the project for the creation of RSUH academic financial fund for 2021.

The fund will be used to develop new courses, support academic and educational activities, create new information resources, and make a film about RSUH for applicants. Additional funding will be allocated for ongoing renovations and the development of the Career Center.

The Council approved new educational programs for 2021, the total number of which has reached 98.

Also, the candidacies of the chairmen of certification commissions for additional professional programs for 2021 were approved.

The members of Council approved the changes to the regulation on the transfer of students from paid to tuition-free education and amended the procedure for transferring, expulsion and reinstatement of students. According to the amendments, the student's expulsion document are to be handed over to the student personally. If it proves impossible, the information will be sent through the personal account, e-mail or snail mail.

The Council approved the amount of the State Social Scholarship for students in need of support who maintain their grades at the "good" and "excellent" levels in the amount of 8 thousand rubles monthly from February to March 2021.

Dr. Serebryany, Director of the Institute of Higher Humanitarian Research and Dr. Barysheva, Dean of the Department of History of the Institute of History and Archives, were presented with letters of thanks in connection with their anniversaries.

Dr. Romanenko,  Dr. Galushina and Dr. Umanskaya were promoted to the position of Associate Professor.