Speech of the Acting Rector of RSUH Andrey Loginov


Speech of the Acting Rector of RSUH Andrey Loginov

Andrey Viktorovich Loginov, Acting Rector of RSUH, made a speech at a meeting with members of the rectorate and directors of RSUH institutes.

Dear Konstantin Ilyich,

Dear Alexander Borisovich,

Dear Colleagues,

Let me begin my first speech to you with words of gratitude to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation for its trust!

I would also like to express gratitude to Alexander Bezborodov for the contribution he made to the development and strengthening of RSUH and its historical core, Moscow State Institute of History and Archives. Largely thanks to the academic and educational activities of Alexander Borisovich, RSUH is today the leading liberal arts university in the country, whose graduates are represented in all spheres of public and political life: in science and education, in culture and art, in journalism and literature, in public service and government.

I would also like to express deep gratitude to the President of RSUH, Efim Iosifovich Pivovar, who had been Rector for 10 years andwho continued the work of Yuri Nikolaevich Afanasyev.

In the series of stellar names that mark the history of the University, the name of Yuri Nikolaevich occupies a special place. It was he who postulated the principle of the integrity of the system of humanities as the basis of a scientific and methodological approach to a comprehensive study of man and society at all stages of their existence.

Through the works of Yuri Nikolaevich, his successors and like-minded people, all those present here, traditions were laid that allowed RSUH to take a special place among the leading universities in the country.

Among these traditions, along with interdisciplinarity and integrity of research in humanities, there is the systematic nature of scientific knowledge, the combination of fundamentality with specialization, and the synthesis of the exact sciences and the humanities.

A widest range of activities of institutes, faculties of RSUH, its departments, research centers and laboratories is, in fact, the matrix of modern liberal arts knowledge. The established community of professional teachers and scholars, who are not looking for easy ways in research, is the corporate identity of the University, making it one of the main centers of liberal arts knowledge, both in the country and abroad.

There are very few counterparts to RSUH in the world. Among European universities, only Science PO in France can match the scale of the vision of our founding fathers.

And I don’t see any insurmountable obstacles on the path to the further implementation of this vision. On the contrary, many things today are favoring exactly this.

The most important thing is that in society and the state there is currently an acute demand for a specialist in humanities, armed with theory and methodology, the ability to work with primary sources, broad academic knowledge, and a desire for interdisciplinary approaches and solutions.

Everyone is well aware of the tasks set for the social and human sciences by the President of the country. They are expressed in the speeches of our leader and set out in strategic planning documents. Being political in content, they require serious fundamental academic study.

They are:

- protecting historical truth;

- strengthening Russian identity;

- preserving traditional spiritual and moral values;

- supporting Russian world;

- revealing the potential of Russia as a country-civilization; and others.

At RSUH, a lot has been and is being done to academically develop these tasks. Being one of the undisputed leaders in the teaching and research of social sciences and humanities, the University today has everything necessary to become a scientific, methodological and educational center for organizing and carrying out important government work on the preservation and development of socio-humanitarian knowledge in the Russian Federation.

Let me emphasize that everything new that needs to be done for the further development of the University, to effectively respond to the challenges of the time, will be done progressively, on the foundation of the existing competencies, transparently and together.

My priorities are the educational process, academic activity, safety of our students, further digitalization, and logistics. The list is not complete, but I would like to especially emphasize fair remuneration for the hard work of the faculty.

I am aware that I am a new person for the University. This has both pros and cons. I need to learn a lot, understand a lot. I am open to dialogue with the faculty, students and staff. Together we can solve all complex issues! I hope for your help and support.

Thank you for your attention!