RSUH specialists took part in the development of a program for territorial project management
 RSUH specialists took part in the development of a program for territorial project management

RSUH specialists took part in the development of a program for territorial project management

The management workshop “Senezh” of the presidential platform “Russia - the Land of Opportunities” will launch the educational program “Project Management and Territorial Development”.

The program will improve the efficiency of project teams and help students gain and further competencies in the field of project management and territorial development, the organizers said on Tuesday, August 31, at a TASS press conference.

The new program starts October 1, 2021, and will be held online until December 1. About 80 people taking part are the finalists of the All-Russian competition "My Country - My Russia" and other projects within the platform "Russia - the Land of Opportunities", undergraduate and graduate students, project managers, representatives of local governments and business community.

“Jointly with the experts and teachers, we have long since come to the understanding that “My country - My Russia” is not just a competition, but a full-fledged educational track. By developing an idea and preparing an application, young people will learn to think, formulate goals, and work in a team. We pay special attention to the post-competition support of the participants. For schoolchildren, we have our Interdisciplinary Project Schools. Right now, 200 finalists of the last season from 54 regions of Russia are studying in this School in the International Children's Center "Artek". This year's winners will go to the All-Russian Children's Center "Okean" in December. For senior competitors - students and young professionals - we are launching our program today,” said Dr. Larisa Pastukhova, Head of the All-Russian competition“ My Country - My Russia”, Vice-Rector of RSUH.

The key partners of the program are the Project Practice (Proyektnaya Praktika) group of companies and RSUH, where there are many interesting academic tracks related to state and municipal administration and management.

“Since 2020, RSUH has been a platform for the competition“ My country - my Russia ”. RSUH is at the heart of this project. Our specialists are involved in both the assessment and the formation of the methodological foundations of the competition. This is an important and very interesting area of ​​working with the youth. We were interested in participating in the development of the program "Project Management and Territorial Development", with our Department of State and Municipal Administration taking an active part. We will be glad to loan the program our experts and faculty. We are looking forward to further cooperation, "said Rector of RSUH.

“My Country - My Russia” is a large-scale competition, which since 2018 has been included in the presidential platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities”. This season, over 90 thousand people from all regions of Russia and 24 foreign countries have submitted their initiatives aimed at the development of Russian territories, which is almost a third more than in the previous year. In 2020, over 63 thousand people from all Russian regions and 15 foreign countries took part in the competition.

The program "Project Management and Territorial Development" will consist of two blocks, 36 hours of webinars each.

“Most of the educational programs of the Senezh Management Workshop are aimed at acquainting the participants with principles of social design. Based on the results of training, students will make projects aimed at improving the life of people in particular, and the region in general. The students will not just develop projects, they will work with specific cases and offer specific solutions. The new project management program will follow the logic of our activities as the classes will help participants improve their competencies in various issues of project management and territorial development," said Dr. Maria Afonina, Vice-Rector for Educational Activities of the Senezh Management Workshop of the Russia – the Land of Opportunities presidential platform.

Dr. Lilia Gumerova, Chairperson of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture, Chairperson of the Expert Council of the All-Russian Competition "My Country - My Russia", spoke about the importance of the regional support and assistance as well as the consultations of specialists who would help finalize the projects in terms of their scale and attract additional funds.

“The finalists of our competition, who have completed the program, will be able to become full-fledged public experts in the field of addressing social problems at the local level. It is very important to build a dialogue with the leading figures of the constituencies, helping to identify the "sore spots" of the regions and proposing initiatives to eliminate them. The Council, which has traditionally supported the authors of the best projects competition, will help to make such interaction more efficient, and the dialogue itself productive and to the point,” said Dr. Lilia Gumerova.

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS, ANTON VAGANOV / TASS