RSUH Master's programs

RSUH Master's programs

On May 23, RSUH hosted the Day of Master's Programs as part of the Open Doors Day. Applicants were able to meet with university teachers face-to-face, learn about educational programs and discuss admission.

Application process starts on June 26 and will last until September 14. You can find out more about the educational programs at RSUH on the page of Admissions-2021.

Dr. Nadezhda Arkhipova, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Director of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law, greeted the applicants.

“Management skills have always been very popular. We can say that, having received a Master's degree in management, you will have excellent employment options,” said Nadezhda Ivanovna.

Dr. Nikolay Lepe, Dean of the Faculty of Management, spoke about the educational process at the Faculty. Today, one can major in State and Municipal Administration, Management and Personnel Management.

The Faculty trains specialists who meet all the demands of the current labor market. Qualified experts with knowledge and skills acquired at RSUH are routinely employed by enterprises and state and municipal structures.

The Faculty of Philosophy of RSUH imparts both the professional knowledge necessary for a philosopher and develops the individual abilities of students. As a rule, graduates will work in the academic environment, publishing, and the media.

Dr. Alan Abaev, Dean of the Faculty of Advertising and PR, spoke about the role of theoretical education in the professional activities of a Master's student. He focused on the practical activities of students.

According to the Dean, students of the Faculty begin to work focusing on their specialty in the second year.

“We have a strong theoretical background, which is tied to the practical activities of students. The Faculty employs specialists from the world's leading advertising agencies,” stressed Alan Lazarevich.

Dr. Stanislav Timofeev, Dean of the Faculty of Law, spoke about the progress of professional training of the students of the Faculty.  The Faculty  offers the programs Legal Support of Entrepreneurial Activity, Lawyer in the Financial Sphere and Protection of Individual Rights in International and Russian Criminal Law.

According to the Dean, the quality of theoretical training is combined with an extensive general education as part of the educational concept of RSUH.

The high quality of training of Bachelors and Masters is recognized by the legal community, which is confirmed by the certificates of public accreditation issued by the All-Russian public organization "Association of Russian Lawyers" and the Association of Legal Education.

The Russian Bar Association has included RSUH in the list of the best law schools in the country