Rector Bezborodov answered students' questions
 Rector Bezborodov answered students' questions

Rector Bezborodov answered students' questions

Before the start of the meeting, Alexander Borisovich told the students that Russia would be represented by Manizha, a graduate of the Institute of Psychology of  RSUH, at Eurovision 2021.

Rector stressed that working with such talented students had always been significant for the University.

Particular attention at the meeting was paid to the topic of eating establishments at RSUH.

As Rector explained, during the pandemic the organization that catered and provided food for RSUH, had gone bankrupt. In November 2020, the University had been asked to reduce the rent or even to forgo it altogether, which would have been illegal.

“We started looking for a replacement immediately, but this is a very long process, which also concerns Federal Property Management Agency. Without its approval, it is difficult to lease our dining area. Nevertheless, we have made progress and I hope that we will see it done in the near future. We are not planning to reduce the number of campus canteens and cafes. I will also add that we will not be opening food outlets unlawfully. Everything should be checked, starting from the quality of food to the legality of the documents that we will sign,” he said.

Rector also thanked the students for their understanding and patience.

Alexander Borisovich noted that the educational process was proceeding without a hitch. With the exception of teachers who have medical contraindications, in the future everyone will work onsite.

RSUH is about to undergo the accreditation and licensing process. The quality of education depends on this, Rector added.

“If they make suggestions, it will help University in organizing the educational process. We always try to approach this process with great responsibility,” noted Rector.

RSUH is currently taking part in new social projects that will be related to the educational trajectories of students and new social practices in teaching.

“Key attention will be paid to increasing the level of digitalization of the educational process. We do not plan to transfer everything online, yet we will be improving the education system from the point of view of digital humanities,” Rector said.

Dr. Bezborodov reminded the students that the beginning of the celebrations associated with the 30th anniversary of RSUH, the 90th anniversary of the Institute of History and Archives and the 25th anniversary of the RSUH Museum exposition, was scheduled for March 30. After that, there will be a week dedicated to the academic activities of RSUH.

Extramural students were asking questions about the re-introduction of the distance learning format. It had been decided to provide them with the opportunity to study in a mixed format during the spring final exam period.

“Extramural students will be able to take the spring exams in a mixed format. Those who cannot come to RSUH will take examinations online, while the rest of the students will do so onsite, ”explained Dr. Arkhipova, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs. She also reminded all students that they could contact the Department for Placement for internships and further employment.

“The ministries of the Russian Federation and state agencies routinely provide internships to students. One can work in state bodies with a Bachelor's degree up to the 6th level of qualification, yet in order to work in managerial positions from the 7th level up, one will need a Master's degree," added Dr. Arkhipova.

For the convenience of evening students, the pass desk will operate from 8:00 to 20:00, including Saturday, as of April 1.

Dr. Irakly Bolkvadze, Vice-Rector for Administrative and Social Work, urged students to use the elevators responsibly, since at the moment the elevators are under warranty service. Garbage bins near the 5th building will be returned to their places in the near future. The Vice-Rector asked the students not to throw containers with liquid in them in order to maintain cleanliness on the campus territory.

Students also asked questions about when the University would resume onsite social events.

“Mass events are still restricted. You should not put yourself in danger, and we should not be this irresponsible about your health. Therefore, events on the campus territory will be held in a restricted format,” Rector replied.

Summing up the results of the meeting, Alexander Bezborodov called on the students to be active and maintain the prestige of the University.

“Ask us questions, voice your claims and demands, be active! If you are worried about something, remember, we are always here to solve any issue,” concluded Rector.

You can ask a question to the RSUH management body at any time here.