Open Doors Day held at RSUH
 Open Doors Day held at RSUH

Open Doors Day held at RSUH

The Day took place online on January 17. The faculty members told the applicants about educational programs, academic activities and student life at RSUH. Meetings with heads of institutes, faculties and departments were traditionally divided into sections.

The Faculty of Journalism of the Institute of Mass Media is actively working to provide high-quality internships for students. In addition to student media operating at the Faculty of Journalism, students can gain working experience in the country's leading media every academic year.

Dr. Natalia Makarova, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, said that the master classes regularly held by media experts at RSUH also lead to internships and practical training for students.

“From the first year on, our students undergo practical training in various organizations and companies. We try to have their first internship become the basis for their further professional career. Many of our graduates end up working in companies where they interned. “This speaks well for their level of academic preparation”, said Natalia Yakovlevna to prospective students.

Dr. Tatyana Belova, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law, spoke about the importance of academic research and internships.

The student conference "Academic potential of young graduates in the practice of law of the 21st century" is held regularly and the journal "Yunost’ Nauki" is published for students engaged in academic activities, who are eager to publish their articles. In addition, each department of the Faculty of Law annually holds student round tables on relevant topics with the involvement of leading experts.

“The Faculty of Law is one of the strongest schools among the leading universities in Russia. The yearly enrollment figures confirm this. The Faculty has also created favorable conditions for those who want to engage in academic activities, ”said Tatyana Viktorovna to applicants.

Moreover, the Faculty of Law annually holds the international conference "Muromtsev Readings" with the subsequent publication of the collection of works.

Students of law can undergo practical training in more than a hundred organizations, with which the Faculty has concluded appropriate agreements. Students can also work on a voluntary basis at the Legal Clinic of RSUH, where they provide free legal assistance to those who need it.

Dr. Alan Abaev, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Advertising and PR, talked about the Faculty cooperating with business companies, where students can gain practical skills and hands-on knowledge.

“Students also actively participate in various business projects. We also cooperate with advertising agencies, where one can get the skills needed in professional activities, ”said Alan Lazarevich.

Students involved in research can make presentations at the student conferences "My research startup " and "Integrated communications and media technologies: the universe of academic and professional activities”.

Dr. Vladimir Shunikov, Director of the Institute of Continuing Education, told the participants about professional retraining and shared the specifics of preparing high school students for exams.

According to him, in the current conditions of the modern labor market, special attention should be paid to continuing education, as it helps one become competitive in one’s chosen profession.

“Specialists often can’t find positions, which may lead to unemployment. This indicates the need for advanced professional retraining ”, said Vladimir Leontyevich.

The Institute also prepares high school students for the Unified State Exam, General State Exam and the essay part. In addition, students planning to enter M.A. programs can receive additional education in the selected areas.

Classes at the Institute are conducted by the faculty of RSUH as well as by  invited experts.

The University provides an equal opportunities for applicants with disabilities. On the territory of RGGU on Miusskaya, there are mnemonic orientation diagrams, and on Kirovogradskaya Street there is  a stair lift. RSUH buildings are equipped with ramps for students with limited mobility.

The relationship with each student is built individually, and the training takes place assisted by modern digital and information technologies. The university has a Braille printer, which enables visually impaired students print out the necessary materials. The members of the faculty have the opportunity to use hearing loops to communicate with applicants with hearing impairments.

Students can study in the Library, the number of rare books whereof exceeds 43,000 volumes, where a special device scans the printed text and converts it into audio format.

“All our programs fulfill the requirements for students with disabilities. In any case, there is an absolutely individual approach to everyone. – says Dr. Svetlana Djavadova, Assistant to the Rector for Inclusive Education, “at our University, students are supported and helped everywhere”.

RSUH is the successor of the traditional humanitarian education trajectory in Russia. It combines modern technology and classical liberal arts education. The institutes, faculties and departments of the University are located in the very center of Moscow, in unique historical architectural complexes on the territory of the Institute of History and Archives and in the building of the Shanyavsky Moscow City People's University. Today, the architectural diversity of RSUH can be also be appreciated online.