Open Door Day held remotely at RSUH

Open Door Day held remotely at RSUH

The second Open Door Day was held remotely at RSUH. On May 23 and 24, applicants and their parents discussed with teachers issues of admission and educational programs.

Teachers and applicants got in touch from various points of Russia. All one had to do to participate was to install Adobe Connect and join the conference one liked. The schedule of events can be seen here.

The programs of the Institute of Information Sciences and Security Technologies, as well as the Faculty of History, Political Science and Law, were the most popular. The Institute of Linguistics also presented its programs. Adobe Connect was the main platform, aided by a YouTube channel.

“Applicants asked questions regarding the choice of languages, tuition and dormitories, as well as admission procedure and the possibility of transferring to the state-sponsored budget program,” said Dr. Igor Isaev, director of the Institute of Linguistics. “The Korean language major was of particular interest.”

The event, like the one held last time (April 11-12), was divided into five sections. Three sections were held on the first day, and two more on the second. This allowed participants to visit several sections.

The format had both its pros and cons. “The organization of the Day online turned out to be even more comfortable for us than its traditional form,” said Dr. Irina Vorobyeva, director of Pre-Universitarium of RSUH, “You can take in a large number of people, without worrying about where to sit them, and whether all can see the presentation. Applicants, like their parents, can easily connect from home, and ask all questions both verbally and in chat. There were many who joined the conference as a family. And this is convenient, because it allows you to immediately convey the necessary information.”

However, as noted by the representative of the Institute of Oriental Cultures, "Our University has its own charm, this would be an opportunity to see the Museum. And this, I know, often makes an impression on those people who just drop by Unfortunately, we cannot organize this remotely.” Indeed, RSUH has a rich history, being the cradle of Russian humanitarian knowledge and the first humanitarian university. It combines the academic heritage of the Shanyavsky Moscow City People's University and the Institute of History and Archives.

To relate to the University itself, it is worth taking a walk through its territory, which in itself is a living historical monument. And we hope that students will soon be able to see all this.

Members of the faculty talked about majors, specifics of education and its benefits. “Applicants got acquainted with the student and academic life, received comprehensive information about all projects, including those held at the national and international levels. Specific attention was paid to the particularities of admission-2020, the procedure for application and enrollment,” said the representatives of the Faculty of Archival Affairs.

In addition to tackling a busy curriculum, students will begin to build their academic career paths. Beginning from second year, they can conduct independent research, as well as participate in various conferences. Language internships and double degree programs are also provided for students. “Of course, student exchange is possible and the University sees to this,” said Ms. Margarita Mitnik, graduate student of the Department of Cinema and Contemporary Art, Faculty of Art History. Questions related to language learning have occupied an important place in the sessions.

Applicants were also interested in how students spend their free time. As to that, many interesting events are held at the University, whether it be the “Day of Arabian Music” or a chess championship. The initiatives of this kind are organized the Department of Student Affairs in collaboration with various student associations. In addition, many events are set up by the institutes, departments and faculties themselves.

Teachers talked about the programs and how to choose the right major in order to become a truly high-class specialist. Dr. Peter Chistyakov, Associate Professor of the Center for Religious Studies, spoke about his subject at RSUH. “We study religion from the point of view of psychology, philosophy, history. Religion is not only a worldview, a community of believers, it is a personal experience of communication with God of individual people. Therefore, during summer internship, students get acquainted and communicate with representatives of various religious communities. According to Dr. Chistyakov, future religious scholars are in demand in teaching and research, journalism and publishing, and they can also build their careers as state employees.

One of the most important recommendations was given by Dr. Evgenia Semenyuk of the Institute of Linguistics, Head of the Department of European Languages, who advised the applicants: “If you are really interested in getting immersed in this field, then come to us... Ideally, you will master your favorite profession, and as someone smart said: “Find a job that you like and then you will not have to work at all, as you’ll be engaged in your hobby all your life.”