How parents choose a university for their children

How parents choose a university for their children

Choosing a profession is not an easy task, but what about choosing a university in which this profession the student is to be trained for? How to understand which institute or university is best suited for the task? Which is more important - prestige or location? We discussed this with parents whose children are applying this year.

What are the main criteria when choosing a higher educational institution?

1.The fame of the university is perhaps one of the main things. Most mothers and fathers want their child to receive not just any diploma, but a diploma of an institution with a long history and reputation.

If a person wants to learn something, he can do it anywhere and in any situation, regardless of the prestige of the university. However, well-known educational institutions inspire a lot more confidence, because they have been engaged in education for decades.

Marina Komarova, 43, real estate agent.

2. Location. It is ideal when the university is close, but if it isn’t, you need to figure out the route, as well as calculate the transportation costs.

During my student days, I had to get up at five in the morning. I was not delighted with this. There was a constant lack of sleep and fear not to be in time. "I would not want my child to experience this, so we will try to choose an institution that is close to us."

Julia Alexandrova, 40, lawyer.

3. Employment after graduation. Many parents say that it would be nice if institutions and universities helped their children with finding an initial employer.

The idea of ​​assistance with employment or even forceful initial employment not so bad. There is a feeling of certainty and some relief that your child will not be left penniless after so many years of training. After all, graduates are usually no older than 22; they still do not fully understand what to do with their diploma and where to look for work.

Sergey Seliverstov, 54, driver.

4. Excellent resources and research facilities. According to parents, in good universities, comfortable classrooms, modern libraries, medical facilities, healthy cafeteria menu and computers with high-speed Internet access are a must.

Children should be comfortable as lectures may last for several hours. Otherwise, you can end up with serious problems of vision and posture. I also want to know that in the event of an unforeseen situation, the child would always receive timely medical care, so an educational institution with a doctor on duty is much preferable to an educational institution without.

Natalia Kashcheeva, 51, dentist.

5. High quality education, professionalism and sensitivity of teachers, as well as an active student life, are equally important for applicants and their parents.

The teacher should not only be a highly qualified specialist in a particular field, but also a person who can, and most importantly wants to find an approach to each of his or her pupils.. You need to be able to get the students interested in your subject. Only then will there be a real sense of educational process.

Alla Gashina, 45, teacher.

6. The opportunity to intern overseas. In this regard, one of the most important criteria in selecting an educational institution is a program of international cooperation.

We live in a world that is changing every minute and in which it is very important for us to be able to build fast and effective communication. In this case, international internships can help improve communication skills, explore new countries and mgain new knowledge.

Alexey Sinyavsky, 49, economist.

Well, we can only wish everyone to find their dream university and spend their student years full of interest and assurance!

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The text was prepared by Anna Maslova.