Symbolic keys, certificates and badges of honor "The best graduate of RSUH" - these symbols of recognition were awarded on July 15 to graduates who made a special contribution to the development of the University and distinguished themselves for their academic achievements.

This ceremony has been held at RSUH for many years, and this year it coincided with the diploma award ceremony.

Parents were not present at the ceremony due to the pandemic-related security measures. However, they could watch the triumph of their children online, streamed live from the University.

“You have excellent opportunities to develop further by enrolling in our Graduate School,” Rector Bezborodov said in the welcoming speech. - You are the pride and joy of the University, and hence of the higher education system in general, and we are always happy to work with you. Many new Master's programs have been launched in recent years so you might want to consider them!”

Rector wished the graduates health and well-being. “I sincerely congratulate you on completing one - I hope not the last - of the academic levels at RSUH”.

Awards to the 200 best graduates were presented in the following nominations: high results in research activities, participation in social, academic and volunteer activities, creative achievements, contribution to the development of cultural life of the University, and athletic achievements.

Dr. Irakly Bolkvadze, Vice-Rector for Social and Educational Work with Students, talked about how, several years before, these very students had received the Fire of Knowledge from Rector on the same stage. “The years passed quickly, they have been fruitful for you and for us. And now you are getting your diplomas. The best graduates, perhaps unconsciously, contributed to strengthening the image of the University! I hope you will not forget your alma mater. "

“To graduate among the best is prestigious and very responsible, since it is difficult to live up to such a status. I will continue my studies at RSUH. I'm inspired! " Vladislav Pakhomov, International Relations.

“I took part in many conferences, interned abroad, all thanks to RSUH! I plan to go to Graduate School at my faculty. " Daria Glazkova, International Relations.

“I have worked on my Master's thesis for a long time, and it was well received. The work was fundamental. I will go on to Graduate School and build on this. " Anton Leonov, Journalism.

“I actively participated in the life of the Faculty of Archival Affairs, I spent six years on Student Council. I was a candidate for the Academic Council of RSUH. We have done projects abroad. What lies ahead for me is work, graduate studies, academic and social activities. " Olga Brezhneva, Archival Affairs.

“I was part of the women's mini-football team. This was the first team of the kind and we hope that now the freshmen girls will play and multiply our achievements. I want to apply for a magistracy at RSUH. I like my faculty, my teachers and the Institute of History and Archives ”. Christina Ionova, Archival Affairs.

“I was involved in organizing cultural, creative and educational events -“ Miss and Mister RSUH”, “Student Autumn”, “Student Spring”. For two years in a row, we have organized educational and project-related school. I volunteered a lot, participated in the work of the Trade Union of Students and Alumni. My major is restoration of documents, specializing in records management and archives. I work in an international consulting company, HR department. I graduated with Bachelor's degree, but I'm not going to grad school. Not this year". Maria Ponomareva, Archival Affairs.

I studies law, psychology, wrote articles, published, won international competitions. Got my M.A. degree The plan is to work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. " Artem Raimkhen, Faculty of Law.

Maria Isaeva, graduate of the Institute of Philology and History, read the Oath of the Graduate.

“RSUH trains specialists in various fields of humanities. But the main thing is that RSUH graduates people with a capital P. People who understand our world and our culture, always striving for new knowledge, not betraying their moral base! Our faculty are not just professionals in their field, they are people who put their souls into their work and in us, their students. And we, even after leaving the University, will always remember you with warmth, our dear teachers! Today, seeing here so many new faces, so many educated and brave people, I do not doubt for a second that RSUH is really the best university in the country, and that with such students and graduates Russia will certainly be free!"

Oleg Alesov, History and Political Science, continued: “We, the graduates of Russian State University for the Humanities, do solemnly swear: to protect human rights and never use our knowledge to harm people. We swear! "

To the Gaudeamus igitur, the Ball of Desires and white doves were released into the sky.

In order to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection spread, the ceremony took place at separate faculties.

Dr. Stanislav Timofeev, Dean of the Faculty of Law, was the first to take the floor in the Central Hall. “I would like the diploma you receive today to help you become a truly worthy person, both for yourself and for society, help your family to be proud of you, achieve high positions in the social hierarchy, earn those resources for which we get an education, that is, authority, power, prestige and financial status!"

Photo: Rector Alexander Bezborodov

Photo: Dr. Irakly Bolkvadze Vice-Rector for Social and Educational Work with Students

“The feeling is unusual. It was here that we had the entrance exam, and where I am now getting my diploma. This is where it all began and ended, magna cum laude. I'm not going to graduate school yet, I want to work, consult, practice psychotherapy. The teachers are amazing. My beloved Dr. Orestova is the coolest teacher and my academic advisor. And the building itself is also impressive, very beautiful and old. Gonna miss it all". Ekaterina Lysova, Institute of Psychology.

“I transferred here from another university and I liked everything. I have worked in the Arbitration Court for 2 years, and I plan to apply to grad school”. Denis Ischuk, Faculty of Law.

“At the Master's graduation you do not feel particularly enthusiastic, because it is not the first time. But when you walk along the corridors, especially in the Main Building, nostalgia rears right up. I'm not going to graduate school yet, I want to work, but if a really interesting topic appears, I will develop it here. Now I am working in a museum, and I would like to develop further in the cultural area." Julia Golovnya, Art History.

“The teachers helped me realize myself, and my major is non-standard, it is “Environmental history ”. It is very interesting, I do not know of any other universities where this is taught. And this was the decisive factor as to why I entered here. I don’t know yet how I will use the knowledge, most likely I will continue to study ”. Maxim Eremichev, Archival Affairs.

“It's cool that we had a live stream and the parents could watch! I'm going to graduate school in Mongolia. My major is Mongolian studies. Unfortunately, there is no Mongolian studies  graduate major at RSUH. I was always interested in Oriental studies, but I did not really understand what it would lead to. Now I know that I want to develop Mongolian and Tibetan topics. I will never forget my trip to Mongolia. Thanks a lot to our teachers for having been able to organize this ”. Maria Sovdagarova, Oriental studies.

“What will I remember? The people. I haven’t met a single bad person. My plans include grad school. Definitely here". Daria Sidneva, Philosophy.

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