Friendship dolls and Culture Festival was held at RSUH.
Friendship dolls and Culture Festival was held at RSUH.

Friendship dolls and Culture Festival was held at RSUH.

November 10, 2020

The event was organized by the Hindi Group students of the Department of Area Studies and Foreign Policy of the Department of Regional Studies of the Institute of History and Archives. The Festival was dedicated to the friendship of the peoples of the world. Students presented masks and dolls of different nations of the world – from India, Nepal, China, Uzbekistan, Russia etc.

12 dolls dressed in traditional national attire represented the multicolorful world of different countries. Dolls of the Indian states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, clothed in men’s and women’s clothes: saree, salwar, pajamas, kurtas, kamiza, shawls, scarves and turbans. The Mari Republic is represented by a wooden doll in a Mari festive costume. The dolls in Uzbek national dress show the historically established traditions and characteristics of the Uzbek people.

The clothes of a Chinese princess doll in a traditional costume reflect the synthesis of colorful Chinese clothing with elements of the national costumes of neighboring peoples. Russian culture  represented by a porcelain doll in white festive clothes. The doll exhibition was further enriched by masks brought from different countries. The images of Hindu deities reflecting the spirit of the main religion of India were very interesting.

The exhibition was organized by the following students:

  1. Ekaterina Moskalenko
  2. Alena Plotnikova
  3. Amina Mukhametkhanova
  4. Maria Skorobogatova
  5. Alina Fasakhova
  6. Sofia Kiseleva
  7. Arina Novikova

The event is included in the official List of Events of RSUH for the year 2020 and was held in a mixed format. You can download the presentation here