Entrance Exam Dates Announced at Academic Council

Entrance Exam Dates Announced at Academic Council

At the session of the Academic Council of RSUH on June 23, the beginning of the admission campaign and the dates of entrance exams were announced.

“We received a decree from the Minister of Science and Higher Education, which regulates the final dates of the admission campaign,” explained Dr. Nadezhda Arkhipova, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs. - It defines application deadlines for all forms of training and exams, all forms of enrollment. The dates for the three stages of admission are August 22, 24 and 26, which makes August 26 the date of the last admission announcement. Corresponding changes have been made to the Admission Rules of RSUH. Acceptance of applications has already begun.”

Rector Alexander Bezborodov summed up the period of the remote learning and defined the plan for further action.

“Our online meetings were in no way inferior to face-to-face contacts,” said Rector. - On behalf of the administration, I want to thank the faculty and staff for their dedicated work during this difficult time, when it was necessary to pull ourselves together, not to lose a single link from our training systems, and to meet all the requirements for the educational process. We coped with these tasks and worked with minimal losses. But you should not relax - in September freshmen will come to us and the anti-pandemic bar should not be lowered. The details of the educational process are not yet known, but we will not allow the second wave of the pandemic to prevent us from working as smoothly, competently and professionally as we have done in the spring-summer period.

We are interested in successfully conducting the admission campaign, including in the sector of paid educational services. The number of students cannot be reduced, so we will strongly support new areas of training, which are solid applied material. The optimization process will also be continued in order to avoid duplication of training areas. Closely working with students should be given special attention, we need to objectively consider their needs and requirements.”

Rector also spoke about personnel shifts and organizational transformations. On the basis of the Legal Department and the Office for the Organization of the Property, a new administrative department will be formed, to be headed by Dr. Ivan Kossov. HR will be headed by Dr. Alexander Strelkov, the contract service by Dr. Anna Paramonova, and the transportation service is also about to be reorganized. By the decision of the Council, the Faculty of Archival Affairs and the Faculty of Technotronic Archives were merged into one faculty, Professor Grigory Lanskoy transferred to the post of Deputy Head of the Department of Education and Methodology. The position of the head of the Department will be held by Vasily Mokolov.

The Session also decreed that the museum complex "Nikolskaya, 15" come under the authority of the Knorozov Multimedia Center.

The Session also effected the election to the position of directors of institutes, deans of faculties, heads of departments, as well as faculty and chair heads of the Domodedovo branch.

Promoted to the title of Assistant Professor were Dr. Dmitry Antonov (Theory and History of Culture), Dr. Olga Afanasyeva (Journalism), and Dr. Olga Cherkaeva  (Museum studies, conservation and restoration of historical and cultural objects), Dr. Maria Sirotinskaya (General History) and Dr. Larisa Khoreva (Literature of the Peoples of the Countries Abroad).

For many years of conscientious work and impeccable attention to their duties, thanks were expressed to Mr. Grigory Shumsky, Legal Affairs Adviser, Dr. Irina Solodnikova and Dr. Yevgeny Beniaminov. Dr. Beniaminov was also awarded the title “Honored Professor of RSUH”.

Dr. Nikolai Borisov, Chair of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Political Science of the Department of History, Political Science and Law of the Institute of History and Political Science, and Dr. Ivan Kurilovich, Senior Researcher at the Center of Phenomenological Philosophy, were nominated for the Moscow Young Scholar Award-2020

The agenda also included the approval of dissertation topics as well as basic and adapted educational programs of secondary vocational education.