Dr. Maxim Kornev: "We are entering the era of Phygital education"
Dr. Maxim Kornev: "We are entering the era of Phygital education"

Dr. Maxim Kornev: "We are entering the era of Phygital education"

On November 13, RSUH, together with other Russian universities, switched to distant learning. Dr. Maksim Kornev, Associate Professor of the Department of Television, Radio and Internet Technologies at the Institute of Mass Media of RSUH, tells about the pros and cons of distance learning.

- In my opinion, the most effective format is the mixed one, when lectures are held in a distance form, and seminars and master classes are conducted fact to face. At the same time, even face-to-face training is now being supplemented with digital capabilities. The concept of "Phygital" is already upon us.

- What problems did you and your colleagues have to face during distance learning?

- Basically, these are organizational problems: who opened or did not open the link, who got lost, who decided that the distant format was a reason not to come to class at all. It cannot be said that this format made the educational process worse. Rather, it has exposed those students who don’t understand why they come to the university.

- How can a teacher effectively organize distant work?

- The organization largely depends on the subject. I prefer to assign projects by module: essays, analyses, case studies.

- How do you assess the quality of the final exams during the distant format? After all, it has made cheating very easy.

- I try to work according to the "accumulation" assessment system. And as far as those who like to skip and hand over everything at the last moment, I give them additional tasks. Yet it is true: the problem of cheating cannot be completely overcome.

- Which disciplines are easier, and which ones are more difficult to teach in a distant format?

- I am quite comfortable teaching all kinds of disciplines. Perhaps this is easy for me, as my subjects are related to digital and network communications.

- What interactive methods do you use to retain attention and engage students?

- The best method is to use relevant and engaging material, involve students in project work. If the student himself feels the need, he will undoubtedly take an active part in any discussion. It is impossible to keep the attention of a person who is not interested in learning.

- Does the distant learning format affect the assimilation of new material?

- Everything is individual and depends on the student. If a person understands why he needs a subject, then he will assimilate the material in any format.