Dr. Lyudmila Batova, Director of the Academic Library of RSUH, spoke about electronic resources

Dr. Lyudmila Batova, Director of the Academic Library of RSUH, spoke about electronic resources

Before the New Year holidays, we talked with Dr. Batova, director of the RSUH Library, and discussed electronic resources and databases that can be accessed online. A great opportunity to start working on a term paper or thesis!

E-resources provide an excellent way to quickly access large amounts of information and make it easier to extract the facts from it, as well as learn about new concepts and use the results of the latest research.

How does the University get access to the databases, and can everyone use them?

Students and teachers of the RSUH can use domestic and foreign information resources, which are divided into categories according to their acquisition and accessibility.

Foreign databases include significant amount of up-to-date information and have archives that RSUH has access to as part of a national subscription. On such platforms, both academic periodicals and e-books are presented.

Speaking of full-text databases, there are several conditions for their use:

1. Access from the territory of RSUH by IP addresses or, outside the RSUH, by logins and passwords provided by the library;

2. Access to the database of legal information ConsultantPlus is provided from the computers of the reading room and room 320.

What resources are currently available?

● Cambridge Journals Full Collections


● ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global Full Text

● Elsevier's Freedom Collection

● Scopus citation index

● Springer Nature journal collection and database

● 2020 eBook Collections database

● Questel - Orbit Premium edition database

● Web of Science Core Collection

● electronic library systems "Znanium", "Urayt", "Lan"

● IVIS ( ИВИС) database of Russian academic periodicals,

● GREBENNIKON full-text database of Russian publications on marketing, advertising, economics and management

● legal database ConsultantPlus