Career Day held at RSUH
 Career Day held at RSUH

Career Day held at RSUH

The event was held face-to-face and online on the "Faculty" platform. The list of participants included the following Russian and international organizations:

  • Bank DOM.RF.
  • Moscow Government.
  • HeadHunter.
  • Hotel "Metropol"
  • The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Students had the opportunity to introduce themselves and learn about demands and needs of the modern labor market.

The prospective applicants were presented with a selection of career proposals, invited to fill out a short questionnaire, subscribed to mailing lists, etc.

Special attention of the students was drawn to the master class "Translation Trends 2021. Everything a graduate needs to know" from Awatera Academy. The  conversation covered the following topics:

  • how to gain professional experience while still studying at the university;
  • where to look for work;
  • what are the current trends in the translation industry;
  • what are the requirements when writing employment tests;
  • how translation companies hire and how they operate.

The event was attended by over 50 people, mainly students of the Institute of Linguistics and the Institute of Philology and History.

The master class from the HeadHunter covered the following topics:

  • Which professions will be in demand in the near future, and which ones will disappear?
  • What skills do employers value now and which ones will be valued in the future? How to properly prepare for an interview?

The lecture program of the Career Day was concluded with a master class "Features of professional internships abroad" held by AIESEC. The speaker Kirill Solyanik told what an international professional internship was and how it differed from an internship in a Russian company.

We invite everyone who could not attend the Career Day to the Digital Career Environment of RSUH on FACULTETUS.RU/RSUH!