Applicant’s guide: main questions of admission

Applicant’s guide: main questions of admission

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Admissions 2020

- How will the admissions take place in 2020?

This year, enrollment is carried out on the basis of a consent to admission, by which the applicant confirms that they have not consented to enrollment in higher education programs at other organizations. Submission of consent for admission is carried out online through the applicant’s personal account.

- Can I personally come to the Admissions office?

According to Decree No. 547 of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, only remote consulting of applicants is possible. Full-time consultation of applicants is currently suspended. Applying and test-taking procedures are only possible in remote format.

- Do I apply for a major or a track?

You apply for a major with the exception of those areas in which programs are implemented in different faculties. We recommend that you read Appendix 1 of the Admission Rules.

- How will the entrance tests take place, on which platform, when can I access the schedule?

According to Decree No. 726 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, the schedule of entrance examinations and all other information is to be posted no later than July 15. The formats of entrance examinations (oral or written) has already been already posted on the RSUH website in the "Applicants" section.

- Will there be a competition for spots with tuition fees? When do I sign the contract?

Acceptance lists are posted for both forms of training. The contract is signed after the student’s name has appeared on the acceptance lists. After that, the student is to pay for the first semester.

-Are there any restrictions on the number of tuition-based spots?

The number of tuition-based spots may vary.

Personal account on the RSUH site

- Will I need to upload my photo to my personal account if I’m applying with USE results?

At the moment, uploading photos to your personal account is mandatory.

- Printout forms appeared in my personal account - what do I do?

  • Wait until the application changes its status to “Accepted”;
  • Download the documents;
  • Make sure that the documents are filled out correctly. If not, use the “Request for Change” button;
  • Print out the documents, sign them, and scan or photograph them;
  • Send the signed documents using the “Request for Change” button.

The signed documents will be checked by the moderator, after which a notification about the result of the verification will be sent to the "Feedback" section. Until RSUH receives the signed documents, your name will not appear on the list of applicants!

- Why was my application rejected?

It was probable due to the heavy workload. Please resubmit the application later.

- What scans need to be attached to get extra points for the final essay?

All you need to do is to mark the pertinent question. If at the time of writing the final essay the applicant had a different name and (or) different passport, you must also attach a scan of the passport page, indicating the previously issued passports.

- Where exactly do I attach copies of signed statements and consents?

When submitting documents through your personal account, an application for admission and consent to the processing of personal data will be generated automatically. The applicant can download the application for admission and consent to the processing of personal data through the "Printout Forms" button, print them out, sign, scan (or photograph) them and upload them by clicking the “Application for changes” button.

B.A. programs

- How do I submit portfolio documents if I apply to the Journalism major?

    In the "Individual Achievements" section of your personal account, select from the drop-down list:
  • Publications in registered media;
  • Letter of recommendation from editors in registered media;
  • Proof of taking journalism courses;
  • Winners and runners-up of journalism contests;
  • Participation in the media of an educational institution;
  • Presentation at a an academic event.

For each of the items, it is necessary to attach certifying documents (scans) and indicate the date of issue, series and number (if any).

Master’s programs

- How many Master's programs can I apply for?

There are no restrictions here.

- The portfolio requirements indicate that the originals or notarized copies must be submitted. What do I do?

Currently, we are accepting copies that need to be attached in the personal account.

- How many documents about additional major-related education can be uploaded for portfolio points? Do hours add up from several documents, or do you only take into consideration the hours from the program with the greatest number of hours?

When calculating portfolio points, one professional retraining diploma is taken into account, and documents on additional professional major-related education are summed up in the following manner:

  • less than 36 hours - 1 point,
  • 36 to 71 hours - 3 points,
  • 72 hours or more - 5 points.
  • - How do I get the most portfolio points?

    • Diploma
      • Diploma - 20 points;
      • Diploma Magna cum laude - 10 points.
    • Additional major-related education:
      • diploma of a major-related professional - 10 points;
      • document confirming additional major-related education - from 1 to 5 points, depending on the total number of hours of programs.
      • Personal achievements:
        • Diploma of victory in research major-related competitions - 5 points;
        • Foreign language certificate (at least B2) - 3 points;
        • Membership in professional associations - 2 points.
      • major-related work experience of at least 6 months - 4 points.
        • major-related publication - 1 to 10 points (points are taken into account no more than 3 times).
        • presentation at major-related conferences - 2 points for each presentation, but no more than 3 presentations.
        • Winners of any major-related intellectual competition (points are taken into account once):
          • Winners of Level 1 competitions conducted by RSUH - 80 points;
          • Winners of Level 2 competitions conducted by RSUH - 60 points.
            • applicants with at least 20 points can participate in the competition without the interview.
            • The interview is conducted at the request of the applicant in accordance with the list of questions provided: the minimum number of points is 30, the maximum 100.