Academic Council: the results of Admissions-2020

Academic Council: the results of Admissions-2020

Summing up and discussing the results of Admissions- 2020 was the main topic of the session of the Academic Council, which took place on September 8. This year’s specificity was that applicants submitted their documents remotely, through their personal accounts on the website of the university. Later there was an opportunity to submit an application in person, observing social distance.

Despite the obvious difficulties associated with the pandemic, the plan for filling the budget spots has been fully implemented, moreover, the competition is seen as steadily growing. 30,000 applications were submitted for B.A. programs, which is 1,500 more than last year. The popularity of extramural education is growing as well: 1,500 applications were submitted against last year's 952. 3,427 applications were submitted for M.A. programs, almost a third more compared to 2019, and for long distance programs it was 1118 against 891.

Rector Bezborodov named the most popular B.A. majors: “Psychology”, “International Relations”, “World Politics and International Business”, “Public Policy”, “Philology”, “Foreign Languages”, “History” and Culturology”. The most popular M.A. programs were "Advertising and PR", "Oriental and African Studies", "Law" and "Religious Studies".

The average GPA score, being the main indicator of the university's performance, is 75.001 points this year, which is one point higher than in 2019.

“Thanks to the joint efforts, the admission was successful in compliance with all deadlines and standards, - said Alexander Borisovich. - The work of Admissions reached a new level due modern technology, new software and newly-trained staff. It is possible that this experience will be useful to us next year.”

During the entrance examinations, the remote proctoring system was used and the number of testing options has been increased, as was their level of difficulty. This made it possible to select the most prepared applicants.

After the Rector's speech, a discussion ensued, during which proposals were made by Vice-Rectors Nadezhda Arkhipova, Vera Zabotnika, Mikhail Kozhokin, Dr. Igor Isaev, Director of the Institute of Linguistics and many others. In conclusion, Dr. Olga Pavlenko, First Vice-Rector, suggested creating a working group to prepare a roadmap for admissions-2021.

The Academic Council also approved a temporary Decree on studies in the conditions of the risk of the spread of coronavirus. It provides for a scheduling change taking into account the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, two breaks for rest and meals lasting 25 minutes for different groups of students, as well as ways to submit requests for changes in the schedule. Dr. Bolkvadze, Vice-rector for Social and Educational Work with Students, emphasized the need to strictly comply with Decree No. 01-401 dated 09/04/2020, and, first of all, to ensure that students in the classrooms put on masks.

The Federal Law "On Education" guarantees an increase in the scholarship to make up for inflation taking place September 1 of each year. This year, the scholarship funds of federal universities will be increased by 3%. Tuition fees will not go up, in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The Academic Council approved a draft Regulation on the provision of deferral/installment payment option of tuition to certain students.


• The Center for the Study of Ethnopolitical and Ethnocultural Processes of RSUH was renamed Center for Social, Political and Information Technologies of RSUH.

• The title "Honored Professor of RSUH" was awarded to Dr. Evgeny Beniaminov, Head of the Department of Mathematics, Logic and Intelligent Systems in the Humanities,.

• Dr. Philip Taratorkin was elected to the post of Dean of the Faculty of Archival Science and Records Management, Dr. Elena Barysheva - to the post of Dean of the Faculty of History, and Dr. Alan Abaev - to the post of Chair of the Department of Integrated Communications and Advertising.

• Dr. Natalya Galushina was promoted to Associate Professor in the field "Theory and history of culture".