Academic Council of RSUH was held remotely

Academic Council of RSUH was held remotely

The creation of the Faculty of History at the Institute of History and Archives of RSUH was one of the topics of discussion at the session of the Academic Council on April 14, held via a teleconference.

Dr. Elena Barysheva, Chair of the Department of History and Theory of Historical Science, spoke about the concept of the new Faculty. She said that the importance of historical education in modern society required new platforms for full academic communication.

“We plan to pay special attention to the issues of the theory and methodology of cognition, the internal logic of historiographic process, source study techniques for working with texts, including the archived ones. We will retain basic courses that demonstrate the main trends in the development of historical thought. The most important thing is the interdisciplinarity of approach and the maximum use of the intellectual resources of the entire RSUH. Of particular importance is the technology of historical assessment, which forms the identification of images of past and present.”

Strategic goals of the Faculty:

• formation of a holistic concept of integrated historical education, taking into account new methodological achievements;

• training of specialists capable of implementing interdisciplinary approaches, conversant with the modern methodology of intellectual history, historical anthropology, source studies;

• creation of the analytical center that will carry out historical examination of public projects and the development of educational programs in the field of historical education and upbringing.

One of the developers of the concept of the Faculty, Dr. Pavel Shkarenkov, Vice-Rector for Continuing Education, noted that “the concentration of fundamental historical training will allow, in the presence of majors of document management and archival studies, to maintain a balance of fundamental and applied knowledge, to preserve the best traditions of training of historians based on the country's leading school of source studies, and on a powerful school of auxiliary historical disciplines, focus on modern trends in the development of historical knowledge."

The Academic Council supported the decision to create the Faculty of History.

The session also heard and approved a report on the results of the self-assessment of the Domodedovo branch.

Rector Bezborodov drew attention to the inevitable increase in the academic load on teachers and university leaders in the pandemic.

“We are well aware of what the world will be like in September 2020. The readiness of any university for any special circumstances is being evaluated, so a lot depends on our organization, discipline and high professionalism. It is important to maintain financial stability of the University, and the underlying condition for this is an impeccable educational process.”

Dr. Nadezhda Arkhipova, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, spoke about distance learning. “Of particular importance to the Deans is the task of following the curriculum and making operational decisions if the teacher cannot get in touch. Our task is to finish the school year on time, so we have to think through all the nuances of conducting State Final Exams remotely."

Ms. Svetlana Tretyakova, Chief Accountant and Head of the Office of Accounting and Finance, said that, despite the difficulties caused by the special working conditions during the pandemic, the salary will be paid in full and on time. All payments to students have already been fully effected.

Dr. Irakly Bolkvadze, Vice-Rector for Social and Educational Work with Students, said that the students had received the amounts due to them on time and there would be no delays. “Money transfers, for which it used to be necessary to submit the documents in person, are now effected via electronic filing format. To date, all scholarships, social benefits and financial assistance have been paid. Students who received their scholarship in cash are advised to open bank accounts online and provide us with routing details.

According to the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Science, active consultations are being held with student associations. The University’s financial service will soon announce a decision to cancel the payment for accommodation in the dorm for the period of self-isolation for those who have not lived there all this time. Currently, RSUH Dorm is one-third full, the remaining students having left to live elsewhere.”

Dr. Irakly Bolkvadze also expressed gratitude to the Deans and their Deputies for their active work and prompt solution of problems during this difficult period.

Statistics: at the moment, no facts of infection of students or employees of RSUH with the coronavirus have been identified. Two students (non-dormitory) are awaiting test results.